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Teri Hatcher
Jump to new posts Re: Celebrity Bake Off by terihfan @ Today at 05:27 PM

Laura, when will the episodes will be broadcasted? Will you be able to upload the videos here? I'm from France, so I can't see them... so it would be great if you could share them with us. I can't wait !
Superman in other media
Jump to new posts Re: Just Because It's Funny or Fun by KateW @ Today at 12:28 PM

We've been having a lot of fun going over the timelines of both museum sites. I was trying to explain who William Katt was- the greatest American hero with the greatest American icon. I need to get some GAH DVDs so the kids can see the show. Kate, w
Fanfic Related
Jump to new posts Re: WTFAF-- A Different Kind of Aargh!! by KateW @ Today at 12:20 PM

And that's why Lois was able to help Lex steal the clones. She has a dark side but she is at least able to control it better in the series. Her need for justice and her need to help people is stronger. In fic it's like her desire to draw blood when