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part 13

Lois helped Jerome to dress, although he wasn't happy to need the help. He wanted to do it alone, as he used to do, since he was very young, but he was still too weak. But Jerome insisted on walking alone, without help.

“Stubborn as his mother,” was Clark's comment, but he agreed.

Jerome was able to walk alone, although not without visible effort. He left Star Labs, walking slowly and holding onto Clark's hand, almost hiding his face against his father's side. He wasn't ready for the reporters clustered around the exit.

There were reporters from all parts of the world. Luthor was still wanted and the scared gaze of one little boy was the big news story of the day for most of them.

Clark held tighter to the small hand clutched in his, winking at Jerome.

The little boy wondered how this man was able to erase all his fears with only a look, or a smile. He thought that this was what made his mom fall in love with Superman. He could feel the love Clark had for him and he was sure Clark loved his mom the same way as well.

Clark's other arm was around Lois' waist. She hated the reporters being there. There were also some of her former colleagues from LNN. Didn't they have any respect? Where was the real journalism here? They had never acted this way when they worked together. They had loved their work so much. She remembered how Clark had reacted on their very first assignment, when poor Dr. Platt had been killed. How angry he had been at the policeman who'd made a callous joke. Strange, she didn't remember the joke or even Clark's words, but in her memory she could still clearly see his face, hear the pain in his voice. Wonderful Clark, always so sensitive. Lois cuddled up against Clark's side.

He kissed her forehead, hardly caring about the reporters's questions and comments. It was all so ridiculous. Then he heard a voice in the crowd. One he would never have been able to hear without his superpowers. 'Didn't take her long to find another father for his bastard, did it?" Clark wondered if information of Jerome's differences might not have gotten out. Now was not the time to worry about that however, but he would have to be ready to deflect suspicion from Jerome just in case. Not for the first time in his life, Clark struggled to control his rage against someone. He wanted to yell at them all, 'He's my son! He's the son I always hoped to have! He's mine and Lois' !"

Lois felt his tension and looked at him, but Clark shook his head. In the same moment, he felt Jerome stagger, his grip loosening. He glanced at him quickly.

Jerome had his eyes closed. He was very pale, he was trembling, and he was trying not to cry.

Clark realized that he had overheard that horrible comment too. With a quick movement he released his hold on Lois and took Jerome in his arms, holding him tightly.

The flash of cameras lit the area around them. The sound of clicking cameras blended into one continuous click, as the assembled photographers each tried to capture the moment.

Lois' worried gaze hadn't moved from the two people she loved most in the world. She was able to listen to Clark's words to their son as she stared at the boy's body, shaking with sobs.

"I'm here, we're here, don't worry about them, just listen to my voice. Don't worry about them...Lois and I will have you clear in a few seconds, I promise. Don't cry, Jerome."

Just when they had almost reached Lois' car, they realized that it was completely encircled by reporters. Again they reflected on their time at the Daily Planet, where journalism was so different. Then a new sound drowned out all the rest. It came from another car some feet further away. Clark raised his eyes, then he was somehow able to take Lois's hand.

"Run!" he said and just as she nodded, started to move toward the car. The doors were already open. As soon as they got into the car it sped off, without giving the reporters time enough to react.

"Hey, Big Brother, it's good to see you again." The woman driving the car smiled at him in the rearview mirror.

"I was never so happy to see you, Meg...and thanks."

Lois was staring at the way Clark was smiling at this stranger.

"I'm sorry, I'm Megan O'Donnell, pleased to meet you." She stretched her hand towards Lois without taking her eyes from the road. Lois found herself smiling too.

“How's the kid, Meg?” Clark's voice broke the embarrassed silence in the car.

"She's fine. No, she's wonderful. But she's Michael's daughter, she couldn't be anything different." She laughed loudly. "Don't tell Clark..."
[Questo pezzo da riguardare con la correzione di Ray]
'Well, I don't want you to get too full of yourself you know. If you start playing matchmaker all the time when will you find time to keep up your writing! By the way, now that we're on the road where would you like me to take you."

"Hey, bro, where do you want me to drive you?"


Lois opened hey eyes dazzled by the light that was filtrating from the blinder. She wondered where she was. The sheets were smelling so good. This fragrance remembered her something so far. She was still sleeping but she loved this smell. Clark sometimes had the same perfume. Slowly she raised set without no hurry. Now she new where she was. Hey eyes where now used at the light. She remember this room, she remembered another night there, and a morning.

She smiled.

Clark had held her the whole night, here in this room, so long ago. It had been the night after Trask had tried to kill him. For the first time she had realized Clark really could have died that day. Trask had had kryptonite.

They had held each other through that long night. They spoke a little, they slept for several hours. Now, almost ten years later she remembered. That night she had dreamed she knew how to fly.

Again a smile appeared on her face. It hadn't been a dream. No doubt she really had floated that night, held tight in Clark's arms. She'd only made the connection now. Memory was strange sometimes.

Lois heard Jerome shout with joy. She slowly stood up and looked out of the window. It was a warm day. The sky was cloudless and there was a warm breeze. It seemed more like a morning in late spring than late autumn.

She went down the stairs of the silent house. There was no one in. She realized she'd slept late. That was probably why she felt so relaxed, so alive.

Lois shuddered when her bare foot touched the porch floor, but she didn't want to retreat back into the house. Not yet.

Just in front of her eyes was the best sight she had ever seen. Clark and Jerome were running along the yard, trying to make a kite fly. Jonathan was clapping and Martha was holding onto her husband, laughing.

Lois leaned against the wood of the porch, then she smiled Clark when their eyes meet each other. Just a second later a warm blanket wrapped around her shoulder .

“Good Morning.”

"Mmmmmmm. 'morning to you too," she whispered, still feeling the warmth of his lips on hers.

“Did you sleep well?”


"I'm glad about that."

Lois kissed him again. She wasn't able to resist his smile, she knew that, and he seemed to know that too.

"I can't believe it, Clark..." She nuzzled up against the man she loved, kissing his neck.

He looked at her reluctantly, wondering why she had stopped kissing him.

“That we are together… Together again…”

“Not again, honey… just forever.”

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