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Utopia 101: “When Neighbors Unite”
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Three years had passed with a very busy schedule for Superman; Clark had hardly seen his wife. Lois had estimated about tow years. Recently, another predicament is developing at a local bar. Baron Sunday was in town again. He was sitting at the bar, contemplating his next move to finish off what he had begun in the past. He could not figure out how Clark had managed to withstand his most powerful spells, his voodoo. But one day, he met Mr. Gadget in a bar as he was considering what he had done wrong. Mr. Gadget walked up to Baron Sunday and whispered to him, “You know what you did wrong. You didn't use Kryptonite.”
“Kryptonite? What has that got to do with Clark Kent?” Mr. Gadget proceeded to explain how they found out that Clark Kent was Superman and how Henry Potters had almost succeeded in killing him until Lois intervened. Then he talked about other issues, such as Kranite and serum7 and how it had affected Clark.
“So… Clark Kent is Superman. Now I know what I did wrong.” He thought to himself, “I was trying to kill him with the wrong nightmare. Heck! It wasn't even a nightmare, making him feel like he's boxed in. I sure can use this Henry Potter's situation to my benefit.”

That night Baron constructed another Clark Kent voodoo doll. But this time he needed more, and more power. In order to do so, he needed more life force form the other psychic and mind readers. He needed their powers.

Meanwhile in Lois and Clark's home, Clark was having trouble sleeping as he dreamed of Henry Potter and his assistant, the infamous mad scientist digging his knife into him. Clark wakes up in a seat, not knowing why he had this strange feeling of impending doom. The small scars on his chest still remained after two and a half years since that incident with Henry Potter's assistant. He gets up to go downstairs for a drink and to ponder on the incident with the mushroom serum. He remembers that it had a very bad effect on him. He wonders if Lois will ever be safe around him. What if someone had put a crushed serum7 pill in his food and drink? Will he have the ability to fight the effect?

Two days later, Star rushed into the Daily Planet newsroom and talked to Lois in a frantic full blabbering mode and excited manner.
“Star! Star! Take a deep breath and calm down.”
Star took a deep breath and then said, “Lois, someone's been killing all my friends at the school for fortuneteller and Mind readers. Molly turned up dead the other day. She looked like she just turned 200 years old. I know Molly. She's the youngest of our group. She's just turned twenty.” She thought for a second, “this has all the makings a dark voodoo spell.” Lois could see that star was really worried.
As Lois listened to Star's apparent explanation about why her fellow fortune tellers were killed and how the assassin had avoided detection, Clark was working on the computer when he started seeing baron Sunday's face in his head laughing at him saying, “Okay Clark Kent, AKA Superman. I am coming for you. This time I am prepared to give you an agonizing death.”
“Lois,” says Star, “This kind of thing doesn't just happen. The cops can't help. It's black magic. Whoever did this is fueling up for his big revenge.” Star paused for a while for breath before continuing, “Some unfinished business. I tell you I think NIA agent Matt Young is in trouble and…” then the second name became fuzzy to star; she could not see or remember who the second man was, “…Anyhow, the two men are in great danger.”
“Well look into it.”

Two more days passes as another psychic turns up dead. That was also when Lois started noticing that agent Matt Young was starting to change for the worse. He was getting more unpredictable and violent. For the two days prior, Lois looked into the incident after hours as a personal favor to Star but came up blank, “Who ever it is sure covered up their tracks.”

The following day, Lois and Clark got news of two more deaths of three well-known fortunetellers. Perry White screams across the room for Lois and Clark to get into his office. “Have you guys had any leads to the deaths of those fortunetellers?” Perry says after Lois sat down in her seat.
“No Perry, but Star did come by a few days ago and she was telling me how she thinks that it is the work of some dark voodooist out for revenge.” Clark knew it was Baron Sunday, but did not say anything; he let Lois do the talking.” She told me it was some sort of thing like sucking up enough life force from the victims in order to juice up for the finial attack.”
“On whom?”
“I have no idea.”
“Okay, talk to Star some more and see if she can tune in on this man's frequency.” As Clark and Lois was about to leave, “And Lois, if Star come let her speak to me. I have something I need to speak to her about.”
Once outside of Perry's office, Lois had seen that look on Clark's face and she immediately knew that Clark knows something that he's not telling her, “Okay, spill it. You've been a little too quiet in there. What's up?”
“I think the unknown person is Baron Sunday.”
“How did you know that?”
“The other day when Star was here, I heard Baron Sunday's voice in my head. I think he that I'm you know who.” Lois is obviously by now giving Clark that concerned look, knowing that Baron Sunday is after Clark.
That was when Clark heard an ambulance rushing to the hospital, “Metropolis General, I have Agent Young here prep for emergency. Fatal Heat attack.”
“Oh, Oh.”
“What. What did you hear?”
“Nothing, Lois.” He said to her because he didn't want her to worry.
“Clark.” Lois says in a tone of voice that Lois was saying, concerned and yet still insistent that Clark tell him or else.
“Just an ambulance taking Agent Matt Young to the hospital.”
“Clark. That means Baron Sunday will be coming for you next.”
“I'm ready for him.”
“Are you sure? He knows your secret. Who knows what else he had found out.”
“We better go talk to Star.”
“Sure. If you think it is necessary.”

Lois and Clark talked to Star in her home. She also mention that Perry wanted to see her. “I know what he wants but I don't think that job is appropriate for me, Lois. Besides, astrology is not very accurate. Tell Perry thanks but I can't accept.” Then Lois proceeded to talk about Baron Sunday, and how to overcome his powers.

That night Baron Sunday met up with a petit teenager who had the ability to walk through walls. She said, “How much will you give me for stealing the Kryptonite from Star labs for you?”
“Two thousand for the Kryptonite and two more thousand when you come back with the picture of the medical manual about Superman.
“Sure, It's a deal.”
“And make sure you put in the fake Kryptonite replica in its place so Star Labs wont know if anything is missing.
“Sure.” She then left for Star Labs and got in and out without any effort at all. But unknown to her, Star labs security camera had shown her materializing after going through a wall and recorded her entrance into the vault and her taking pictures of the manual.

The following day, no one had yet looked at videotapes but as Clark walked into the room he started feeling dizzy from some of the trails of the Kryptonite dust that had lead to the wall throught, which the young teen lady had disappeared with the kryptonite.
“Clark, are you okay?”
“Yes, just go a bit dizzy there for a second.”
“That is strange. The vault hadn't been opened. You shouldn't be having these symptoms.” That was when Dr. Klein noticed the small trail of Kryptonite dust. Dr. Klein seeps it up and put it in a lead-lined bag.”
“Thank you, Dr. Klein. Even a little bit of those things makes me dizzy.” That was when the head security guard came in and told Dr. Klein about the intruder with the special ability.
Dr. Klein notifies Clark of the robbery, “Clark, there seems to have been a break-in last night. They took a chunk of the Kryptonite and replaced it with a fake one. They also managed to take some pictures of the medical manual that we found in that shuttle.”
“Great. And I was going to warn you about Baron Sunday.”

That Afternoon, Clark was in the office reading the New York newspaper about Aqua-man's daring feat in saving an ocean liner from crashing with the help of his two large friends, the great white whale. At that very moment, Baron Sunday was talking to a mail girl at a nearby water fountain with a 25-ounce bottle of drink, ”Make sure you give him this drink before he goes home tonight.”
“And here is forty dollars.”
“Thank you.” The mail girl stopped a few feet away and asked, “You sure this is just a drink, no drugs in it.”

Lois was talking to a blond man with scaly body and large webbed feet, Aqua-man was sitting next to her; Clark had just walked down the beach towards the lake and Lois with a bottle of drink in his hand. Not being very thirsty, he had saved it for later. “Clark, aqua-man was just telling me about where he had seen that man I described to him, Baron Sunday.”
“Yes, I was telling her that I saw that guy near a factory that is close to Hobs Bay.”
“Do you want to go check it out, Lois?” Clark asks Lois.
“No need, we can go home and sleep. It's late. Aqua-man says he'll keep an eye on them for us.”

The next day, Lois had gotten up early and left to go see Aqua-man. Clark made himself breakfast and took out the bottle of juice that nice lady from the mail department had given him. He pours himself a cup of the tall tube glass cup of the bottled juice to drink. But after breakfast, Clark fell right to sleep on the living room sofa, despite what Star had said.
“Good night, Superman.” Baron Sunday says with an evil sneer as he talked into his crystal globe that he uses to see what's going on around Metropolis before a smile spread over his face. “You may never wake up. My spell plus the knowledge form the manuals made sure of that.” His laughter echoes throughout the dark empty factory.
As aqua-man tried to dive to warn Lois, Baron Sunday's two dark angels did as Baron commanded them; they took hold of aqua-man and hoisted him up high on the roof.
“Now don't go anywhere, you little fishy. I wouldn't want you to ruin my plan of revenge on Clark Kent.”

At the Daily Planet newsroom close to noon, Lois wonders why her husband hasn't come to work yet. “Lois!” Perry screamed, “Where is that husband of yours.”
“I don't know Perry, He's not usually this late.”
“I know. It's ten minutes till noon. Jimmy! Go find Clark.”
“Sure, chief.” Jimmy started looking at Lois and Clark's home because he had a spare key from way long ago. He baby-sat Lois' second child, Joey who was now off to Freshman College, after only three years of high school. Because there was no report of robbery or emergencies, Jimmy thought that he should retrace Clark's steps starting at Clark's early AM routine.
Jimmy went upstairs not seeing Clark on the sofa. It wasn't until Jimmy headed from the kitchen to the living room that he had saw Clark. “CK.” He shook him for a few seconds, “CK, wake up your late.” Jimmy didn't know why Clark wasn't waking up. He calls Lois. Burning Star showed up after tuning in on Jimmy's call to Lois. “I'll call you back Lois. Burning Star is here.”
“Beth, Can you find use your X-ray vision and figured out why Clark's not waking up.” Burning Star scans Clark from toe to head first, “Everything's fine, no concussion, no traces of Kranite or Kryptonite in the bloodstreams… Wait a second. I think I found something.” Burning Star used her microscopic capabilities to see what was that powder residue on Clark's lip. Beth recognizes the powder with her many encounter with the drug, “the powders on Clark's lip, its sleeping pills.”
“Why would Clark take sleeping pills this early in the morning?”
“I don't think he even knew he was taking it. Someone slipped it in his drink.” Burning Star went into the kitchen and went through the refrigerator and scanned all the breakfast items for the powder marks on Clark's lips. She finds it in the juice drinks and picks it up with her fully gloved hands. She scanned for fingerprints.” That was when Jimmy noticed that Clark was starting to toss in his sleep a bit and kept on saying Henry Potter's name.
“What's going on?”
Burning Star put down the drink on the coffee table; she started using her mind reading abilities that Clark had yet to learn how to use. “This is bad.”
“What is it?”
Burning Star put the bottle in a bag for Jimmy to take to the lab for fingerprinting, “Jimmy takes this to officer Maple Lee. She owes me a few favors. Get her to identify the finger print on it.”
“What's wrong with Clark?”
“Clark's been given an overdose of the Kryptonian sleeping pills and someone is messing with his mind. He keeps on dreaming of being diced to death.” With these words, Burning Star picked Clark up with two hands with no effort at all, cradling Clark in her arms. She takes Clark to Star Labs to see Dr. Klein.
Jimmy calls Lois back before he heads for Maple's work. “Yes, Lois. Someone slipped him a drink full of those sleeping drugs and now CK can' t wake up from his nightmare of Henry Potters. I don't know exactly what Burning Star meant, but she said that he keeps on dreaming about getting diced to death by Henry Potters.”
“Jimmy, where is he now?”
“Burning Star is taking him to Star Labs. She says to get all those fortunetellers, mind readers, and psychic together. She thinks that is the only way we can help CK out.”
“I think I know a few of them that don't mind helping Superman out.”
“Lois, CK is not in his Superman suit.”
“Oh, he was apparently trying to leave for work this morning before he fell asleep on the couch.”
Lois had managed to get three ladies with ESP to help out. The three of them all sensed Lois' attempt to cover some truth. “Lois, you don't need to explain. We know Clark's the one that saved our lives a few months ago.”
“How did you know?”
“Easy.” As Lois recognizes that look, it was the look that Star gave Lois whenever her thoughts were loud and clear to Star. “That is my we have ESP.”
Then another psychic spoke up, “Actually, it was me who gave it away. When Clark held unto me as he took me out of that burning building, I got the biggest message I had ever read. I never knew how far I could get in my mind reading ability until that day. I knew everything he knew while I was three stories up in the air.”
A third psychic said, "That is also why we are responsible for all those other members of our group in not finding out Clark's secret.” But before leaving the newsroom, one of the three psychics assured Lois that they would try their best to help Clark out. Then the three of them each got fiver more members to help. That is a total of 15 other members.

Few hours later, Lois was in Star labs and saw Clark lying on a chair all tense and fidgeting. Lois held Clark's hand as she saw the sweat that rolled down Clark's face and as he squirmed to try to get out of some sort of band around his hands, legs, waist, chest, and shoulder that wasn't really there, he gave the expression of pain that Lois recognized. Lois saw some scars of knife wounds that would appear as Clark kept on dreaming of being sliced opened with each and every cut that the mad scientist had made in his dream.
“I've filtered most of the drug out but there are some still in there that remains untouchable.”
Baron Sunday was in his hideout using his Kryptonite Bow-coo, and showered the Clark Kent doll on two occasions with Kryptonite powder, thus further weakening Clark's defense system.
In another section of Metropolis, the fifteen ESP (extra sensory Perception) told other people that Superman was in trouble and needed help desperately. Many gathered at the hall around a circle and followed by many other Christians and the people that Superman had saved joined hands in prayer for Baron Sunday and Superman. Many came because they felt they had to pay Superman back for what he had done for them. In total, the number at the hall was two thousand from Metropolis; form the central area of the US and three thousand per city came from neighboring cities and in foreign countries, also. As all nations, rather they were Jews or Greek, whatever their race, creed, and religion were they all each knelt down in prayer in their country for one purpose to help the man who saved their lives.
Five minutes into the session, Lois saw a light appear from nowhere and shined upon Clark. Lois knew the light was not from the overhead lights because it had shown too brightly. Afterwards two angels appeared as Lois thought, “Maybe there is a God.”
As for Baron Sunday, a light shown on him also, he soon was confronted with cops arresting him, tears streamed down from his face as if he had finally seen the face of God with his eyes. He knew

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