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#132338 - 12/30/01 11:23 PM Comments - Together Again -- the final
Jill Offline
Lane and Kent

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I loved this story Chiara! Absolutely loved it! I'm sorry I wasn't very good about commenting on every part, but I kept up with it and waited anxiously for each posting.

I'm so glad that things worked out well, and that Lois and Clark are finally together with THEIR son! smile We should have known from the beginning that Lex could never father a child as sweet and nice as Jerome. It's just so sad that Clark missed so much of his son's childhood, and that Lois had to go through so much by herself (and with Lex).

The Kryptonite vaccine is wonderful, and I'm so glad that Clark and Jerome are safe from the effects of that evil rock. I knew that I loved Dr. Klein! biggrin

I was confused about who that Meg person was, that showed up to help them. Maybe I missed something earlier, or I'm just confused. And what about Lex? You can't just leave him on the loose! AHHH!!! He always causes trouble! mad

This was great. I hope to see another story from you very soon!

Jill goofy
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#132339 - 12/30/01 11:43 PM Re: Comments - Together Again -- the final
ChiaraP Offline
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Thanks so much Jill!!!!!!!

I'm really happy you like it so much!

About Meg... Probably It was my fault I didn't gave her enough importance in the whole story.

She was the young girl at the award party and she was the friend Clark come to visits in hospital the day he met Lois.

Again thanks so much for reading the whole fanfic ^_____^


#132340 - 12/31/01 01:50 AM Re: Comments - Together Again -- the final
Laurach Offline
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Aw that was so nice Chiara a beautiful ending to a good story. I am glad they all lived happily ever after<g> Laura
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#132341 - 12/31/01 04:00 AM Re: Comments - Together Again -- the final
lotusblue Offline
Jimmy Olsen

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Well done Chiara !!

This was a very good story and I hope you'll write more stories like that in the new year.

I really enjoeyed reading your soty, even if I didn't comment on it often enough. It's so sweet to see Lois and Clark together again after so many painful years apart.

Keep writing!! Maybe a seque to tell us how Luthor finally died...?

You're very talented sis smile !!
Debbie (aka lotusblue on IRC)

#132342 - 12/31/01 05:52 AM Re: Comments - Together Again -- the final
laswa Offline
Lane and Kent

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Hi! Like the others, I have loved this story from the beginning till the end, (although I haven't been commenting on this), and I was always waiting for more. I loved this, thank you very much!

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#132343 - 12/31/01 06:32 PM Re: Comments - Together Again -- the final
merry Offline
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Well done. I loved the story.

keep writing.
Happy New Year

#132344 - 01/01/02 02:32 AM Re: Comments - Together Again -- the final
KittyHuang Offline
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I don't know confused I read the posting and a lot of fanfic and just about everyone wrote something or another about Kryptonite cure. I even wrote one myself. rolleyes

Anyhow, I don't think I can read anything about Lex Luthor. Everyoen makes him out to be such a bad guy. Does anyone wonders why or how he became that way?

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