what he had said to him. Later as the cops were taking Baron Sunday to the patrol car, Whatever the light was, Baron Sunday was now blind and had no way of knowing where the patrol car was located. The cops could see that now as Baron Started off in the wrong direction and almost stumbled. A second officer sets aqua-man free.

At Star Labs later, as Clark tried to get up he found out that he couldn't. After Clark had rested his tired bodies, Clark was able to boost himself up while Dr. Katherine Allison assisted Clark to a sitting position. That was when Dr. Klein took Lois to the next room.
“Dr. Allison is better at his sort of thing that's why I've asked her to study the manual. She had some training in medicine. I believe that with her help and my knowledge we can make sure your husband gets a full recovery. Dr. Allison believes that there might be some long-term recovery time ahead. She had asked Burning Star to first tell her the condition of Clark's spinal area. The result wasn't that good. There might be a little bit of torn nerve ending but he is expected to recover in two to three weeks. I hope you can get your husband to relax a bit and try not to do any flying.”

Meanwhile inside the lab room, Burning Star to help Clark to lie on his stomach, in so doing, Dr. Allison could examine the extent of the injury to Clark's nervous system. Clark was reluctant at first to take his shirt off for Dr. Allison because he had his Superman suite on. But, he soon realized the necessity of the situation. He took off the shirt and then the top of his Superman suit. Dr. Allison raised her eyebrow at having seen the superman suit but smirked when he took off the top of the superman suit before he laid on his stomach for her.
After a few tests to determine the extent of the nerve damage, by where Clark can feel the prodding of her instrument on his back, She discovered the damages weren't that bad, just a few broken nerves, taking into consideration about Superman's ability to heal at a rapid rate. Ashe she started installing the little machine, she said, “Okay, this might sting a bit.”

Later, Lois and Dr. Klein walked in after he had explained to Lois about the current situation. The small five inch square disk was exposed, sticking out of Clark's back as the main control unit. Lois then came in with Klein, realizing that she really needs to take care of Clark more now than ever. Dr. Allison had also realized the potential of Kryptonian technology; with this technology all the physically impaired humans can soon walk again. But the only problem is that it is made for a Kryptonian, not a human's body type.
“Are you okay?” Lois looks at the device that Dr. Allison's installing in Clark's back. She didn't knew the detail of what the machine does but according to Dr. Klein said that the programming of the device was to stimulate the nerves' rate of healing and to allow Clark to go to work if he desires to without giving away the fact that he is Superman, since everyone knew superman was suppose to be the one that was attacked by Baron Sunday.
“Okay, Clark, all done. You can get up now.”
Clark got up off of the couch and tries to stand on his own two feet. He answers Lois “Sure, besides being grounded for a whole month. Dr. Allison thinks I should let the damaged nerves heal before I attempt any flying.” Clark quickly held onto anything close by before can loose his balance. Seeing this, Lois came closer to Clark to let him hold onto her for support. Clark thought, “There goes my quiet weekend flights.”
“Don't worry Clark. Kryptonian heal fast. But rather human or Kryptonian, the nerve cells always heal at a slower pace. I'll stay in town a while to help out.”
Jimmy showed Lois the result to the report and saw who was the one that had slipped Clark the drink. Now they had proof, even though they could now ask Clark, but she didn't. She let the police hand that part in arresting the mail lady.
“Clark, you better change into your suit. The other reporters are outside asking for a speech from Superman.”
“Sure.” Clark replied to Dr. Klein's suggestion.
Dr. Allison, “Don't forget your appointment is in two weeks. I need to see how far the nerves had healed.” She thought, “Especially in the legs. No signs of feelings in them.”

Clark couldn't spin into his suit so he resorted to the old fashion way. He first put on the top of his superman suit and then took off his glasses and then Lois helped Clark with the pants. He walked out to the pressroom slowly, and tried to get use to the thing on his back so no one would suspect anything. Superman made a speech on unity as Lois had talked to Clark earlier about what one psychic had said to her and how they had helped him out, while they were walking out to the pressroom. Everyone wanted to know how Superman was after all Superman was the one that saved them, at the least they can do was to pray for him; one by one showed their gratitude to Superman.
“Thank you Superman, if it weren't you, my daughter and I would've been dead.”
“Your Welcome.”
Few of the people that superman did rescue did not say anything or come to the gathering but sent some flowers to Star Labs to show their appreciation to Superman. As he spoke and tried not to show his tiredness and weakness, Superman was soon flooded with “Thank you” cards and “get well” cards, plus a few flowers. There were also those whose did not show any appreciation for Superman's help in saving their lives. They just considered that it was his duty and he chose to help.
After Superman left, Dr. Klein made a speech, mostly about Burning Star who will be taking Superman's place while he recovered.

Once Lois and Clark were alone, Clark commented while he changes into his regular business suit, it's times like these that make Superman's job easier” with a little help from Lois before leaving the lab. Lois and Clark went home to hear their phone ring. It was Perry, asking for the status of Superman's condition, knowing that Superman had been hurt, but knew nothing of the details.
“No, Perry. It wasn't anything that bad. But he will be out for a few months.”
“Then, who will bee looking over Metropolis?” Perry asked Lois.
“Burning Star's going to help out while he recovers.”
“Okay, Lois. Write up the report and I'll have it put on the bottom of the front page.”
“No Perry. I think Clark's going to send in the story.” Just before Lois was going to hang up, she remembered something else she needed to ask, “Oh, Perry before you hang up…considering that we haven't taken a real vacation in a while, do you mind Clark and I take a break for a week?”
“Are you going to go on your honeymoon in California?”
“No, we're not going anywhere special. It's just that Clark needs a bit of a rest. We're staying home.”
Just make sure he sends it in by tomorrow noon.”
“Okay, he'll send it in, first thing in the morning. Bye.” Lois turns to Clark, “Clark, we have the week off.”
“Yes, I heard.” As Clark sat down on the couch, Martha brought a platter of food and drink for Clark. After Clark ate and drank, he went to start on the article.

Two days later, Thursday at the Daily Planet's morning update section, “At the news conference, many gathered to show gratitude to Superman as he is in the process of recovery form Baron Sunday's voodoo attack. Superman made the following speech as he was touched to have found out the number of people that had showed up at the hall…and quotes from Aqua-man stated…is what had happened to Baron Sunday at the factory. Has Baron Sunday really changed? Could he have seen the face of almighty God?”

One week later after Clark was having a hard time walking without stumbling over his face a few times. The machine sometimes shuts down right in the middle of what Clark is doing. Most of the time, when that happens, Clark was either carrying a hot pot or a flaming pot of roast to the table. And other times, Martha was there to catch Clark (not like if he will get hurt). Two of such times were at the Daily Planet newsroom, Dr. Klein adjusted it at Clark's home one day and told Clark that they would be back in a few days and that they shouldn't have any more trouble with the machine.

Six days later, Clark had now been back to work for four days. During the evening on the fifth day, Dr. Allison was at Clark's home a little bit ahead of schedule. Dr. Klein turns off the little gadget while Clark was standing by the dinning room table. “Okay. Clark, try and walk to the living room sofa.” So, Clark took a few awkward steps at first.
Martha sat in the living room, soon started remembering the first time when Clark first learned how to walk as a child. She gets up off the sofa and went to her son's side.
Dr. Allison, “Great work, Clark. Now, we can put this machine on emergency use only.” Dr. Klein came p behind Clark and adjusted the machine.
While Beth was in her regular clothes, she says after using her x-ray vision on Clark's back, “Hum, she right you know. The nerves sure had healed fast.”
“It looks like the prognosis is good, “ Dr. Klein commented after hearing what Beth has to say about what she saw.
“Useful little thing. Perry didn't even noticed it when he stopped by the other day,” Lois commented as she sees how it helps Perry to think that there was nothing wrong and thus did not suspect that Clark was Superman.
By the following day, Dr. Klein started removing the instrument. The holes in Clark's back, where the wires were removed from had healed within seconds.

The End

“And Jesus answered and said to them, Truly I say to you, if you have faith and do not doubt, you will not only do what was done to the fig tree, but even if you say to this mountain, Be taken up and cast into the sea, it will happen.” Mathew 21:21

“You have heard that it was said, "you shall love your neighbor and hate your enemy.' But I say to you love your enemies, and pray for those who persecute you,” Mathew 5:43-44

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