Quick question. If anyone here happened to pick up a copy of JLA: Another Nail #3 and you have access to a scanner, would it be possible to obtain a copy of a scanned image of the scene where Lois kisses Superman, telling him to go off and save the world? The scene is the last panel of the very last page of Lois & the Kents' attack on Eclipso.

Thanks for your time.

Perry: “Jimmy, stay here! We’ll let Lois and Kent cover this. They might as well start learning how to work together.”
Jimmy: “Aahh, heck!”
Clark: “I have a hunch we’ll do alright. Don’t you think so Lois?”
Lois: “Oh, yes. In fact, yes indeed.” (face grimaces)
--Superman (the Serial)

“He could destroy us. […] The son of Skywalker must not become a Jedi.”
--Darth Sidious