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#177824 - 05/30/02 01:10 AM Re: Comments: Roadtrekking: Part 2/12
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Pam and Jeff, thanks for your replies. I think what you're telling us is that if we can say to ourselves, "We've answered that further on," then we are on the right track. If we haven't we should do some more thinking.

I should know better. As a teacher, how many times have I told my students that they are supposed to be questioning what they read and predicting what will happen. (I shrug my shoulders in disbelief).

Jeff the reason that we're not in a hurry to post everything is that we have a second dilemma. The story started moving in the nfic direction and we're trying to clean it up, but we're not sure where the line is for the fanfic list. And we don't want to step on anyone's toes. (This is the one issue that ML and I don't totally agree on.) Unfortunately, we're getting mixed messages about what is appropriate or not from our beta-readers. So,we're really confused dizzy . We're going to do this slowly, if you don't mind.


#177825 - 05/30/02 01:16 AM Re: Comments: Roadtrekking: Part 2/12
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Do we give away what we had planned to reveal slowly throughout the story in order to answer your questions or do we sit back and smile that we've got the answers and we won't tell?

gerry, I have an answer from my POV. Post as you planned. I can wait. I thought you explained pretty well that Clark had never even felt a twitch of interest (literally) in a woman and couldn't understand what the fuss was about or what Linda King wanted. Intellectually, he knew, but it had never happened to him. Which, in this hormone driven world of ours, makes this *really* and elseworld story.
I think Lois keeps calling him "Billy Ray" because she dislikes the country music he brought along and to zing him back for the "June". This Lois can't cook either, which is consistent with our universe. Teasing like this can go on for *weeks*. I know from personal experience. It's the equivalent of what used to be called "dipping a girls pigtails in the inkwell". Since girls don't have pigtails anymore, nor do we have inkwells in school desks, teasing takes on a different form. Clark may not have been interested in teasing anyone before either.
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-fully qualified in the remove the bra from under the T-shirt maneuver It *still* mesermizes Hubby. BTW he calls the resulting view "seeing the artesians". smile
"You think a mild mannered reporter moonlights as a superhero?" Lois (incredulously) to Clark in Chi of Steel, written by the late Hilary Bader.

#177826 - 05/30/02 01:54 AM Re: Comments: Roadtrekking: Part 2/12
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Wow! I go out of town for a day and another debate breaks out (do you think it was something I said? wink ) But it looks as if you've basically got it solved without me biggrin (Maybe I should go away more often)

Vicki and Artemis, I am in awe biggrin (Of course, I'm not saying what I'm in awe of boogie )

Pam, Jeff and Wendy, as Gerry said, I think we deal with most of your concerns, just give us a little time. Pam, I think your concern regarding Clark not falling for Lois immediately might even get straightened out by the end smile

As Gerry said, we are working hard to try to give you a pg-13 version of this story. Although Gerry and I sometimes disagree about where the line actually is, we both agree that we don't want to step on any toes regarding this issue.

What we want most of all is to get you all laughing.

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#177827 - 05/30/02 10:10 AM Re: Comments: Roadtrekking: Part 2/12
Wendymr Offline
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Hi ML and Gerry, and thanks for your responses. smile Like Pam, I'm happy to hear that the issues I have a little trouble with will be addressed later.

But another thing which occurred to me is that some of my reaction to this, at least, has to do with the fact that humour is very subjective - and I'm well aware that I'm frequently in the minority where what makes me laugh is concerned. In the UK and Ireland, for example, Fawlty Towers is considered a comedy classic, and Absolutely Fabulous is considered hysterical. I can't watch more than ten seconds of either without becoming so irritated that I want to throw something at the TV. And I know that FoLCs generally consider the under-the-table scene in AKA Superman one of the funniest moments in the series: it leaves me cold and faintly embarrassed.

So I have a weird sense of humour, that's all. <img src="graemlins/laugh.gif" border="0" alt="[Laugh]" /> I do find some things funny, and the image of Lois removing her bra in the back of the RV did make me laugh. Clark thinking he had the flu when he was really turned on... didn't. However, plenty of people did find that funny, and that's clearly a signal that the story is working for them - and they outnumber those of us who are sitting up and saying 'huh?'. smile

Just one thought: I think I would have accepted Clark's misunderstanding of what was going on if this was a Mork and Mindy situation: ie if he was newly arrived from Krypton and hadn't a clue about Earth customs and relationships. I do find that apparent ignorance harder to accept in a guy who grew up in the US, even if it was in Kansas. wink But again, I'm probably taking you more seriously than you intend.

Oh, and finally, in relation to pop culture references in the series: yes, Gerry, many of them, if not most, went right over my head. But in a TV programme they're not quite so important; I blink, puzzled, at one line and then ignore it because the dialogue has moved on. Unfamiliar references are more apparent in a story because I can read at my own pace and not the pace at which the action is unfolding on screen. References to sport, the plays on existing US TV programmes etc usually passed me by - it's only very recently that I've figured out that Top Copy was clearly a play on a news magazine programme called Hard Copy (I assume! wink ) - though I did realise that LNN is CNN and the NIA is the CIA. <g>

Wendy smile

#177828 - 05/30/02 04:05 PM Re: Comments: Roadtrekking: Part 2/12
Vicki K Offline
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So when do we get to see Part 3??? wink

I'm really enjoying the comments for this story!! I , of course, have to chime in and say go ahead and post. Please!! It's fine that you know things that we don't yet (if fact, if you didn't, I'd be worried!).

Of course, now I have to go back and see what I wrote that ML is in awe of biggrin , and I agree with you Marilyn - I think it's great that you were so candid, Jeff! While it's fun to read what women imagine that men think, it's even more fun to hear it from an actual man. I'm not sure that came out right, but you know where I was going with that, I think. smile

I hope that part 3 will show up really soon, and that the decision of where to draw the nfic line isn't holding things up.

I'm glad that we'll get explanations for the questions everyone has, but in the meantime, I'm enjoying the ride (oops, no pun intended). biggrin

Vicki (who agrees with Wendy that humor is extremely subjective, and also says hurry up and post! And where's the next part of Carbon Copy??)
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