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#178599 - 05/18/02 04:56 PM Comments-Desperate Measures Finale
Helen :) Offline
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you know, when I saw 'Finale' I didn't want to open it, once you've read the end, there's no going back, the story's finished frown however, not reading it ment that it could never be finisahed and I'd never know what happens next, so of course, I had to read it goofy

WOW is all I can say, this section was very emotional and I absolutely love all the thoughts and especially the way that Lois tries her best to convince Clark that she does love *him* not Superman but then she gives up frown I also love the way that Clark finally sees Lois' perception of Superman and that she believes him to be a real person not the 2D cut-out Clark sees him as. Did that make sense? I'd like to pick out quotes that I particularly like but there are too many!

Very well done both of you <clap, clap clap>

Helen goofy
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#178600 - 05/18/02 05:36 PM Re: Comments-Desperate Measures Finale
i lv L&C Offline
Lane and Kent

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This was a brilliant ending to a fantastic story, It was so heartfelt and really spot on, so many great quotes, i think this has to be one of my favorites,

Maybe it was time for him to take a step, extend a hand towards her and begin to repair a bridge that seemed to be crumbling inexorably. But as he opened his mouth, determined to apologise for what certainly looked like heartless manipulation on his part, she moved away from him, sighing deeply as she sat on the couch, and the words stayed stuck in his throat.

AWWW! smile So full of angst!
Well done both of you this was great


#178601 - 05/18/02 05:42 PM Re: Comments-Desperate Measures Finale
AMCiotola Offline
Lane and Kent

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Wonderfully Waffy, Absolutely Awesome, Totally Terriffic!

Thank you, thank you, thank you for a great fic!

I just loved how, when he finally pulled her close, he sighed the "I love you" mmmm

And everytime he felt like going to her but couldn't, you just wanted to stand behind him and give a push ..!

I love it!!
Anne wink

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#178602 - 05/18/02 07:19 PM Re: Comments-Desperate Measures Finale
mariadferdez. Offline
Lane and Kent

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Hi Kaethel,
Good story.
This two think to much.
I thought for the Title that you were going to do something drastic.

MAF wink
Maria D. Ferdez.

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#178603 - 05/18/02 11:11 PM Re: Comments-Desperate Measures Finale
methos62 Offline
Lane and Kent

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This whole story was wonderful. However, your finale seems like it is ripe for a GRANDE FINALE. Something...say posted in the nfic board..hint, hint biggrin
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#178604 - 05/18/02 11:34 PM Re: Comments-Desperate Measures Finale
Tank Offline
Lane and Kent

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Yeah, yeah, all waffy and tender... ho hum.

Where were the whams. Nobody got seriously hurt. A few bruised feelings maybe but no limbs lost or anything.

Oh well, I guess I just have to accept that some people just have to have a happy ending. But on that note I'd just like to say: when Clark was 'remembering' all those little incidents where Lois' true feelings for him slipped forth, how come you didn't use my own personal favorite scene?

The look on Lois' face as Clark walked away from her after that goodbye kiss in Man of Steel Bars was enough to tear your heart out. I'm very disapointed that Clark didn't have that little scene come leaping back into mind during his internal trips down memory lane.

Other than that... it was all right... I guess.

Tank (who wonders if any of the writers here understand that happy endings only really happen in fiction... oh yeah, that's what this is, isn't it blush )

#178605 - 05/19/02 05:33 AM Re: Comments-Desperate Measures Finale
Triciaw Offline
Lane and Kent

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Wendy and Helene

WOW! This is excellent. smile smile smile

Lois and Clark's emotions are extremely well portrayed. My heart went out to both of them.
I love how Lois tries to convince Clark of her love. Thank heavens Clark finally realizes how sincere she is. goofy

Congratulations for a fantastic story. I enjoyed it immensely.

Tricia <img src="cool.gif" border="0">

#178606 - 05/19/02 10:21 AM Re: Comments-Desperate Measures Finale
Helga Offline
Lane and Kent

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Ohhh, that was lovely, angsty, but lovely.

Talk about dragging it out... It was great!

I liked the way you had them both at fault, and then them both slowly coming to realise their own errors. And then forgiveness (eventually).

This wasn't your first co-authored fic was it? I can't believe that.

At least there will be more... With more angst I hope. <img src="graemlins/happy.gif" border="0" alt="[Happy]" />

Before you speak, listen.
Before you write, think.

William Arthur Ward

#178607 - 05/19/02 08:18 PM Re: Comments-Desperate Measures Finale
merry Offline
Lane and Kent

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Helene and Wendy
This was excellent.
very emotional and waffy
super job ladies

#178608 - 05/19/02 09:49 PM Re: Comments-Desperate Measures Finale
Kestrel73 Offline
Lane and Kent

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Wendy, Helene,

Kudos to a great story. An entirely enjoyable what if.

There are men who hate me;
Let me love them.
There are men I have wronged;
Let them forgive me.

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