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#179395 - 05/29/02 06:29 PM FDK - Into The Early Hours
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Just if anyone wants to comment... smile smile

#179396 - 05/29/02 06:43 PM Re: FDK - Into The Early Hours
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Testing, testing, hope this works...

Katie, this was a lovely little interlude. Very sweet, and very in character.

Although I should say that Lethal Weapon 3 was the best one wink if only on the b-plot side; that was the first movie where Mel's love-interest survived til the end of the picture wink

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#179397 - 05/29/02 07:12 PM Re: FDK - Into The Early Hours
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awww very sweet and WAFFy, I love it, especially the parts where they're both thinking the same thing biggrin
Happy Birthday Erin
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#179398 - 05/29/02 08:03 PM Re: FDK - Into The Early Hours
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Brilliant fic smile

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#179399 - 05/29/02 09:50 PM Re: FDK - Into The Early Hours
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Katie, I LOVED this!! What a very sweet thing, to have you write a story for me. smile I was wondering how one got birthday fics written for them. <g> This was such a treat!

I especially loved this:
"Night, Lois," he said back to her, wondering what she'd do if he planted a tiny kiss on her lips.

As if she read his mind, her lips parted ever so slightly, and he leaned over to kiss her. It was a brief kiss, but it felt wonderful to the both of them. Clark smiled at her, and the expression was mirrored back to him on her face.


And this:
Slowly, he put his arms around her and pulled her body close to his, into yet another soothing hug, and this time, there was something more to it than just comfort and friendship. And it felt good.

Perfectly written! I love how you separated the last sentence. It put such a lovely emphasis on your meaning. smile

And who couldn't help sighing blissfully at the ending?? Wow! I love endings like this that hint at wonderful things to come. Nicely done!

All in all, this was a truly wonderful treat. How could I possibly thank you enough? Man, we should celebrate someone's bday daily if these are the kind of fics that get posted in celebration. wink

Thanks much, Katie! I owe you one. wink

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#179400 - 05/30/02 09:00 AM Re: FDK - Into The Early Hours
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Perfect, just perfect. The Prankster is one of my favorite episodes. Great fic!

#179401 - 05/30/02 09:41 AM Re: FDK - Into The Early Hours
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WOW! This is lovely. smile smile
So WAFFy! Extremely well-written!

I enjoyed this immensely. Thanks for sharing this wonderful vignette. smile

Happy Birthday Erin! party

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#179402 - 05/30/02 10:13 AM Re: FDK - Into The Early Hours
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Awww, it was just lovely, Katie! smile So nice and waffy, and how I wish it would happen like this in The Prankster...on the other hand, the frustration we got watching that episode means that we can get to read such fanfics, so I'm not too mad at TPTB for missing such a smoochies opportunity. Especially when your vignette gives us a very sweet kiss, full of promises for the future! smile

And happy birthday, Erin! party

Kaethel smile
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#179403 - 05/30/02 10:18 AM Re: FDK - Into The Early Hours
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Told you they'd love it, Katie! smile

It's very sweet indeed, especially Clark's concern for Lois and his recognition that she won't want to talk about what's wrong and so he has to approach it indirectly. I do love seeing Clark in protective mode - and even nicer when Lois wants him to be protective! wink

And what a lovely kiss, even if it was too short!!!

Happy birthday, Erin! smile

Wendy smile