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#182297 - 05/29/02 02:21 AM Re: Comments: Four Days to Nightfall, parts 3 *and* 4
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Nan, I love this. It's almost unbearably suspenseful. I was reading so fast to try to find out what happens next that I was almost skimming.

Usually I love smoochies more than almost anything else, but this story is so exciting that it's one of those rare instances when I won't mind if there aren't any.

I love Clark's protectiveness and how Lois doesn't mind it too much for once. I loved it when he demonstrated his capability as a bodyguard in the last section and I can't wait to see him in action again. I enjoyed seeing Lois's mind working as she tried to put together the pieces of the puzzle; I can't wait until she figures it out! When she got restless and started walking around during the night, I was hoping that she would catch Clark floating in his sleep, but that would put an end to some of the suspense, wouldn't it? biggrin

I want more, more, more.

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#182298 - 05/29/02 04:25 PM Re: Comments: Four Days to Nightfall, parts 3 *and* 4
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Nan, still enjoying this very much! Don't have much time for reading/commenting right now, so sorry for the short response - I echo the smoochie requests! wink

Wendy smile

#182299 - 05/29/02 11:12 PM Re: Comments: Four Days to Nightfall, parts 3 *and* 4
trenna Offline
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I'm thinking its going to be dicey when Superman shows up as the Planet newsroom has now seen Clark sans glasses...Better keep him hidden until Lois figures this out wink

I can't imagine Clark getting a missing persons report since Martha and Jonathan knew where he was going and the danger. Unless Lois decides to plaster Clark's face all over the paper to see if anyone claims him...which wouldn't bode well for the superhero either.

Please post more than once a week, (once a day would be very acceptable biggrin )...I'm loving this and logging on way to many times a day to look for updates!

#182300 - 05/30/02 01:52 PM Re: Comments: Four Days to Nightfall, parts 3 *and* 4
Nan Offline
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I'll post as often as I can, but I've run out of cushion so the next part may take a little longer.

Part 4 is tacked onto Part 3 in order to comply with the request not to start new threads at this time. Anyone who wishes to comment to Part 4, please do so on this thread.

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#182301 - 05/30/02 02:07 PM Re: Comments: Four Days to Nightfall, parts 3 *and* 4
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Hey Nan, I'm glad you figured a way to post new story parts smile

Good stuff here. I knew Lois would pick up on strange things about "Charlie" -- fascinating to find melted glasses at the crater, and unexpected, too -- but then Clark wouldn't have had any reason to take them off, would he? I'm glad he told her his dream, too; that'll be a huge clue once she's able to put it into proper perspective. Good to see her bristling over Cat, too wink

I'll be happy to read more, whenever you have it!

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