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#182423 - 03/19/02 12:41 AM FDK: Post-Resplendent
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Lane and Kent

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I definitely think you should keep going with this. You've got me intrigued.


#182424 - 03/19/02 01:07 AM Re: FDK: Post-Resplendent
malu Offline
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More, more, more, more, more, more, more,...!!!

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#182425 - 03/19/02 01:27 AM Re: FDK: Post-Resplendent
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looking good so far, ug. smile you've got an original premise here, and some nice introspection. i'm intrested to see where, exactly, you go with it.

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#182426 - 03/19/02 01:55 AM Re: FDK: Post-Resplendent
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Me too More more more. Laura
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#182427 - 03/19/02 08:48 AM Re: FDK: Post-Resplendent
laswa Offline
Lane and Kent

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Me too! biggrin

Like Paul said, it's an original premise and I really would like to see how you are going to 'solve' it...

Laswa boogie
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#182428 - 03/19/02 03:57 PM Re: FDK: Post-Resplendent
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Count me in amongst the intrigued ones. Write fast!
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#182429 - 03/19/02 07:07 PM Re: FDK: Post-Resplendent
mariadferdez. Offline
Lane and Kent

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Very interesting I have to see more.
Maria D. Ferdez.

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#182430 - 03/19/02 09:47 PM Re: FDK: Post-Resplendent
Liz S. Offline
Lane and Kent

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Okay! I'm ready for the next part. Nice start. I enjoy Lois' instrospection, and being curious but not letting it go, regarding Clark's constant disappearing act and the "look" he gets on his face just before he takes off with a lame excuse.

Looking forward to your next post! boogie
Liz S
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#182431 - 03/20/02 08:21 AM Re: FDK: Post-Resplendent
Triciaw Offline
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Yes, this is certainly intriguing.

I look forward to reading the next part. smile

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#182432 - 03/20/02 06:48 PM Re: FDK: Post-Resplendent
merry Offline
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I agree - continue
soon please

#182433 - 03/20/02 10:03 PM Re: FDK: Post-Resplendent
ultragirl Offline
Lane and Kent

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Thanks so much, guys! All your posts have made my day...or maybe, let's make it month!

All right, so I'll definitely be writing more of this fic... biggrin (Yep, just moved to the top of my "things to write" list!) I hope you guys won't be disappointed!


Thanks again, everybody!

ps- I'm working on my own website right now, and I've gotten almost all of my fanfic up there. click here to get there. (very basic; no harsh criticism, please!! blush ) Let me know if you really like something of mine there; I always need encouragement to write more. You can post here or you can e-mail me at Thanks again!

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