Hope this fulfils the challenge; it did take a little longer than 30 minutes.

Connections of the Soul

Clark Kent woke up screaming in a tangle of sweat soaked sheets, surrounded by a feeling of sheer terror. Something was wrong. He sat up and tried to focus. . Lois. He immediately took flight not even bothering with the suit. He prayed he was wrong, but he knew in his heart something terrible had happened.

He scanned the city, but something was drawing him to Lois’s apartment. Landing softly on her balcony, his fears were confirmed. He could see through the french doors that the apartment was in a shambles. She had obviously put up a struggle, but hadn’t called for Superman, why? He quickly took care of the locked door, and made his way through the living room. Scanning the room, he picked up trace amounts of blood on the carpet. His heart pounding, he headed for the bedroom.

Halfway there, the waves of pain hit him full force. Kryptonite! Whoever had hurt Lois had Kryptonite. Suddenly, everything was clear. She had refused to call him, and they had killed her. He fell to his knees, crawling the rest of the way. When he made it to the doorway of her bedroom, he finally spotted her. She had been beaten; a large bruise was beginning to form on her cheek. The sight of her laying there was more painful to him than the Kryptonite that was weakening him more by the second.

It was getting hard to breath now, but he managed to crawl towards her. Taking her hand in his he felt for a pulse. Oh God no! She couldn’t be, not Lois, please no. “I’m so sorry Lois; it’s my fault, all my fault.” His strength was gone, as well as his will to go on without her. Still holding her hand he laid his head down, and prepared for the darkness that was certain to come. A noise behind him caused him to turn.

“Clark Kent, well this is a surprise.” That voice, it could only belong to one man. Nigel St. John entered the bedroom and stood menacingly over a very vulnerable Clark. “Tell me Superman, did she even know her mild mannered partner was moonlighting in tights? Just as well I suppose she would have eventually brought you down, just like she did Lex Luthor.”

Clark was fighting to stay conscious, but the next thing St. John said caught his attention. “You would have been proud of your little girlfriend Mr. Kent, she put up a valiant fight, and she absolutely refused to call you, even when I threatened to kill her. Funny thing though” he said preparing to twist the knife in Clark’s heart a little deeper. “She did eventually call you, something like please, oh please Clark help me, please help me.” He said mocking Lois’s call for help. Tears freely flowed down Clarks face. Lois had called for him, that’s what woke him up. She had called for him and he had realized his worst fear. Lois had needed him, and he had arrived too late to help her. Oh God, he prayed please just let me die, it was more than he could bear.

The next thing Clark knew, St John walked over to Lois’s dresser and closed the box of Kryptonite. “That was a mistake.” Clark said trying to stand. Nigel immediately pulled out a gun, and aimed directly at Clark’s heart. “No I don’t think so Mr. Kent, you see I’m not finished with you yet, and right now your quite vulnerable.” He said with a smirk.

“Right now St John, I don’t care.” He said advancing on him once more.

“Oh but I think you will Superman, you see Miss Lane isn’t dead.” He said the smirk still alight on his face. Clark stopped and stood still looking back once again at Lois lying on the floor.

“What kind of sick twisted game are you playing?” Clark asked thought clenched teeth.

“I want you to do certain things for me Mr. Kent, and if those things are fulfilled then Miss Lane lives if not, we can end it right here.”

“What do you mean she’s not dead?”

“Just that, I gave her an injection of a drug that put her in a state of suspended animation. Any doctor that would examine her right now would pronounce her dead, but she is very much alive. In fact, the affects should wear off in about oh, 30 minutes.” He said looking at his watch. Anger running like fire through his veins, Clark took another step forward. Nigel seeing his intentions reopened the box of Kryptonite.

“Stay now, good boy.” He said as Clark once again hit his knees in pain. The last conscious thought Clark had was Lois was alive.

Lois was fighting her way back. She had to wake up, Clark was in trouble, she felt it. Her eyes finally opened. St John was standing over him with what looked like Kryptonite. Clark was in pain, why would Kryptonite hurt Clark, what was going on? She tried to focus on what was happening Nigel was calling Clark Superman. The truth suddenly dawned on Lois, Clark was Superman. The stupid excuses, all came flooding back to her, and if she had not been so weak, she would have kicked herself.

Her arms felt like they weighed a ton, but she had to do something, St. John was killing Clark. Lois closed her eyes and tried to think. She opened her eyes and found herself staring at a shoe box underneath her bed. Two months earlier her mother had bought her a gun telling her that someday tae Kwan do wouldn’t be enough. Lois, being Lois had dismissed her mother’s fears, and put the gun in a shoebox shoving it under her bed. She made a mental note to thank her mother if she survived.

She flicked her eyes over to where St. John stood. Clark had passed out; he was paler than she had ever seen him. The box of Kryptonite lay open on her dresser, Lois’s heart began to pound, she had to get that away from Clark. Using all her strength and trying not to draw any attention to herself, Lois reached for the box. Feeling the steel of the gun in her hand she prayed her aim would be true.

By now Nigel had put away his own gun, and decided that his first idea was not going to pan out. Deciding that his best course of action would be to kill Lois Lane and leave Superman here with the Kryptonite would be killing two birds with one stone. The sound of someone cocking a gun caused him to turn. Lois fired and prayed.

Lois began moving towards Clark before Nigel even hit the ground. She touched his pale face, and then made it to the dresser closing the box that held the Kryptonite.

“Clark?” she said her voice catching in her throat. “Clark can you hear me?” She asked him. Tears were streaming down her face as she cradled his head in her lap. The affects of the drugs were beginning to wear off more and more, and she began to rock back and forth. She was losing him, when she had just found him. “You can’t leave me Clark, I need you, please come back to me.” Minute seemed to pass like hours.

“Lois?” she barely heard him call her.

“Oh Clark you’re alive!” She almost shouted. She quickly wiped away her tears and looked at the man laying in her lap.

“I heard you calling me.” He said reaching up to softly stroke her face.

“I love you Clark.” she said before she had time
to think about it. "I really love you."