FYI: A person doesn't have to be a comic book fan to remember that the powers that be at DC comics decided to kill off our favorite hero about a decade ago. In response to Juliet's little darkfic challenge I decided it might be interesting to give that little scene a Lois and Clark spin. Technically this is not a deathfic, since we all know that a few months later, Superman got better.

For Juliet - "The Death of Superman" - Revisited.
By Tank

"He's shrugging off that cannon fire like it was nothing! He's unstoppable!" Jimmy Olsen was forced to shout above the cacophony of noises being made by the chaos in front of him. His finger worked the shutter button on his camera at a fevered pace.

Lois Lane risked a worried glance over her shoulder toward the monster who was tearing her city apart with his bare hands. The creature dubbed 'Doomsday' was rage incarnate. The attacks by the military merely served to anger the monster further as he picked up nearby cars and buses as if they were mere toys and flung them at the offending soldiers.

She quickly turned back to her fiance, Clark Kent, who also happened to be the hero, Superman. She grasped his arm and was momentarily shocked to find that his sleeve had been shredded. In fact his entire costume was rent with rips and tears. She sucked in a breath as she noticed the telltale trails of blood seeping from several wounds on her partner's body.

"Please," Lois pleaded. "Maybe you should retreat and get help! If Jimmy is right..."

The look on Superman's face was one of steely determination. "Too late, Lois. The military have proven to be ineffective. Too many innocents in jeopardy right now!" He clenched his fists. "It's up to me."

Lois felt a tightness in her chest. "Clark... I..."

Suddenly she felt herself crushed against his rock hard body. His lips captured hers in a fierce kiss of passion and longing. She answered with a return kiss born of desperation and fear. She couldn't help but think that this might be their last kiss. He leaned back and caught her tear glazed eyes with his own. There was no doubt as to the emotion mirrored there.

"Just remember... No matter what happens... I'll always love you. Always!"

Clark reluctantly pulled away and turned toward his implacable foe. "But now... Doomsday gets his!"

Lois' arms stretched for her fiance but her reach fell short. "Wait!" Her voice broke. "Come back. Please come back."

"Wow!" Jimmy exclaimed. "I don't think I've ever seen the big guy so fired up."

Lois nearly fell down as the ground shook from the impact of the two combatants. Lois gasped at the brutality of the beating that Clark was suffering, yet he refused to give in, giving nearly as good as he got.

Lois found it hard to breathe as the bony protrusions sticking out of Doomsday's hands and arms raked bloody furrows across Clark's chest and face. Every time it looked like Doomsday had the upper hand, Superman would reach down within himself and rally. He continually drove Doomsday back from areas crowded with people trying to flee.

Lois watched in horror. Superman missed a round house punch aimed at the creature's face, which put Clark in a vulnerable position. An inarticulate cry of triumph bellowed forth from the monster's mouth as he caught Superman from behind and lifting the Man of Steel over his head crashed him into and through the pavement of fifth street.

Lois found herself edging closer to the monstrous creature. Jimmy reached out and grabbed Lois by the arm. "Stay back, Lois! We don't need to get that close to get a decent picture!"

Lois, concern warring with her fear, lashed out at Jimmy. "We can't worry about pictures! Superman is in trouble!" Lois turned back toward Doomsday. "And I intend to help him."

Doomsday finally noticed the pair and turned to growl at them. "I don't think we're going to get that chance." Jimmy had crept up next to Lois. "Grizzly is coming this way!"

Lois gave Jimmy a shove. "Move while you can, Jimmy! I'll distract him while you run."

Lois moved away from Jimmy, keeping Doomsday in her sights. Doomsday made a lunge at her which she avoided but in doing so she tripped over a piece of what used to be traffic signal and found herself sprawled on the street. She could see the monster's shadow looming over her and she felt his hot breath on the back of her neck. She knew she was going to die, but she wasn't afraid, only disappointed that the monster had won.

There was a rumble from underground, then an explosion of concrete and asphalt. The creature howled in pain as Superman drove both fists into Doomsday's back, driving him away from Lois.

"Enough, Doomsday!" Clark managed between ragged breaths. "If you want to get your hands on my friends... you'll have to kill me first!"

Lois crawled to a lamppost, bent double from the fight, and pulled herself to her feet. She was only a couple of yards from the action as she saw Clark forcing Doomsday into a brick wall with an intense blast of his heat vision.

Lois had to shout over the sound of the grunts and blows. "What is he? What does he want?"

"He wants destruction and death." Clark's voice was steel as he poured on the heat vision. "To stop him I have to be every bit as ferocious, and unrelenting as he is!"

Lois' heart nearly stopped at the import of Clark's words. "But... you can't! He wants to kill you, but... you can't!"

The battle flowed away from Lois and became even more intense and savage. The fierceness of the blows being traded made their earlier skirmishes seem mild in comparison. Lois bit so hard on he lip that she drew blood.

Lois couldn't believe what she was witnessing. It wasn't fair. Her life had finally gotten on track. She had allowed the most wonderful man on the planet into her life and everything looked on track to give her and Clark that fairy tale future she had so long scoffed at.

Her mind rebelled at the thought that her kind, compassionate partner; the man she respected above no other, the man she loved, was being mercilessly beaten to a pulp in front of her eyes. Clark's face was battered and bruised, and blood flowed freely from numerous wounds. Lois' body shook with the need to do something.

She looked around for something she could use as a weapon, knowing full well that anything she could lift would be less than a mosquito bite to the gruesome creature. Still, she hated feeling so helpless.

Suddenly it got unnaturally quiet. Terror gibbered at the edges of Lois' mind as she saw the two combatants, broken and bleeding, stand and stare at each other. It was if their were taking a final measure of each other. Lois couldn't breathe. The anticipation of something momentous about to happen hung in the air like suffocating blanket.

With a roar, that Lois couldn't tell where it came from, the battle weary fighters launched themselves at each other in what could only be one last desperate attack. In shock, Lois watched as Doomsday connected with a vicious uppercut to Clark's jaw, snapping his head violently back, while at the same time Superman landed a doubled fisted blow to the skull of the monster.

The impact shook the street like an earthquake. Windows shattered for blocks around. As if in slow motion, the two opponents, the creature and the hero, fell limply to the street. Lois' eyes grew wide in panic.

"No." Her voice was barely a whisper as tears flooded her eyes and she ran to her partner's side.

Lois cradled Clark's head against her breast. "Please hang on! The paramedics will be here any second. Please!" Lois was unaware of the gathering crowd of shocked onlookers. Her world has shrunk to include just two people. A battered hero, and the heart-broken woman who loved him.

His voice was weak and rattled ominously in the back of his throat. "Doomsday? Is he... is he..."

The tears that ran down Lois' cheeks were also in her throat. "You stopped him! You saved us all!" Lois clutched Clark tighter to her. "Now, relax until..."

The once vigorous, dynamic body of the man who she couldn't imagine living without suddenly stilled, then went limp in her arms. "No, Clark, please no!"

But it was too late. No more would Lois know that dazzling smile, or the gentle laugh of her partner and best friend. No more would she feel his tender kisses and his intimate touch on her passion inflamed skin. Never again would she hear his comforting voice or gaze into his expressive eyes.

Clark Kent had been her rival, her partner, her best friend, and finally her fiance. Most of all, he was the man who owned her heart, as she did his. But all that was gone, lost to the rage of a mindless monster. A hero had been needed and a hero had answered the call. But sometimes even a hero can fall, for this was the day that a 'super' man died.