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#215284 - 09/29/08 09:17 PM The New Board
zoomway Offline

The Boss of Us

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Welcome to the new board goofy

I'll try and cover a few things here, like you might notice that your avatar looks squished, or a little fuzzy, well, the avatar setting on this board is for 100x100 pixels and if an avatar is bigger than that it will be 'squished' to fit those parameters, or if your avatar is smaller than 100x100, it will be enlarged and that often will make a smaller picture appear a bit fuzzy. I'll try and get some avatars up to size as soon as I can, but I'll make an appeal to those of you who can make avatars to make some 100x100, please) and post them in the fan art forum so fans can pick some new ones if they like, or e-mail them to me in a zip file and I'll upload them to the avatar popup.

As I said on the other board, I tried to make this board look like the original as much as I could, but there are definite differences on this board. For example, this board has spoiler tags, which should come in handy in Desperate Housewives and Smallville threads. You simply click the spoiler button, which is located on the full reply or new post screen between the strike-through button and quote button.

Click to reveal..
Your spoiler will basically look like this

Also there is private messaging. That was available on the other board, too, but I never activated it, however I can see the value of it for certain things like if you need access to one of the restricted forums you can PM me instead of writing an e-mail. If someone is setting up a fan event like LAFF, or SEFF, you'll be able to PM the person running the event to have your name added and they can PM an acknowledgment back to you.

This board does not have password protection for forums, instead it has "groups" that are created, which grant access to restricted forums like Nfanfic or Bluetights Cafe. I have created a group called "bluefic" and when I add your name to that group you'll be able to access those forums. Sorry it has to be done this way, but they created the group method to prevent people from sharing passwords with people who didn't actually ask for the password. I've been adding people I've seen posting in the Nfanfic and Bluetights forums to the bluefic group. To expedite being added, just PM me and make sure you state you are 18 years old or older.

There are also cool things this board can do that weren't possible on the classic board. For example you can change the font and make text bigger. You can also post pictures in an essay format.

When you click the "image" button, you are given the choice of inserting a non-floating image, or a left, right or center floating image. Floating merely means that it will stick whichever direction you choose, as in this case I chose left. The advantage to being able to "stick" (float) and image on one side or the other is that the text will wrap around it like a newspaper or magazine article.

You can also insert videos from youtube, google video, yahoo video and myspace video. If it won't embed, or if it says "this video is no longer available" it could mean that the person who posted the video originally is preventing it from being embedded elsewhere. You can also delete your posts here within a three day time frame. After 3 days I'd have to delete it. The only exception is if your post starts a thread and has gotten replies. Then you cannot delete it because it would wipe out the whole thread.

Lastly, as I said on the other board, I had to upgrade to the UBB Threads version because UBB Classic is no longer being produced, upgraded or serviced and the spam bot registrations at the other board had gotten way out of hand.

I will keep the other board open and people can feel free to post on both boards, but newbies will only be able to respond to you on the new board as I've suspended registrations on the other board. Even if I eventually close the old board to new posts, it will be left standing as an archive board so that the links that led to the old threads and were imported to this board, will still link to those posts.

Any questions? Comments? Let me know.


#215298 - 10/05/08 12:22 PM Re: The New Board [Re: zoomway]
Naedos Offline
Lane and Kent

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I like the look of this new board. It's gonna be fun party
Thanks for the hard work you put into this. I'm sure it took you hours to do that and I want to make sure that we appreciate (at least, I do! lol).

#215299 - 10/05/08 12:54 PM Re: The New Board [Re: Naedos]
Nautica7mk Offline
Lane and Kent

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This place looks shinier. lol
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#215303 - 10/05/08 12:59 PM Re: The New Board [Re: Nautica7mk]
Quel Lane Offline
Lane and Kent

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I like the new board. Thanks for everything that you do, Zoom. We all appreciate it smile

Raquel smile
Don't fall for me farmboy. I don't have time for it. (Lois Lane to Clark Kent - The Pilot)

#215305 - 10/05/08 01:32 PM Re: The New Board [Re: Quel Lane]
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I echoe everyone's sentiment. I like this new board too. Thanks for all you're hard work smile

The "Save Las Vegas" Campaign
Thanks for this amazing avatar, Tineke! smile

#215306 - 10/05/08 01:38 PM Re: The New Board [Re: Manga]
Carolyn Offline
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Hi Zoom!

Thanks for your effort, this new board looks pretty cool.

Carolyn smile
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Thanks to lere8 for my avatar wink

#215308 - 10/05/08 02:11 PM Re: The New Board [Re: Carolyn]
Tineke Offline
Lane and Kent

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Thanks zoom for help biggrin

I have a lot of 100x100 avatars.
Just click on the link where you can find them.
They are free to use wink
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#215312 - 10/05/08 02:22 PM Re: The New Board [Re: Tineke]
Darth Michael Offline
Lane and Kent

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Welcome new board. Yay to the no-extra-password-requirement for the nfic-board.

Just migrated my story-posts.


#215313 - 10/05/08 02:26 PM Re: The New Board [Re: Darth Michael]
thfan Offline
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Change is inevitable, especially on the Internet, but you are handling it in the most user-friendly way possible....thanks, Zoom. wink

#215321 - 10/05/08 04:51 PM Re: The New Board [Re: thfan]
SuperGEM Offline
Lane and Kent

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Loving the new board! Thanks Zoom! smile

I'm wondering if we can have banners and the like in our sigs?
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