Previously –

Lois wrote up the hard story, which was a warning to home owners to make sure that they watered their live trees adequately to prevent fires like what had just happened at the MCH while Clark took the human interest side of the disruption to the kids living at the home and how this was going to affect them especially now at Christmas time. He also praised MetGen for their generosity in opening their new wing for the children until the home was rehabilitated. They each edited the other’s copy before they sent their stories to Perry.

A minute later they heard, “Lois, Clark, can I see you for a minute?”

When they got into the office Perry asked, “Okay, how will this affect our plans?”

Lois spoke up, “Chief, it’s going to be even more important than it was that we do this thing. These kids have now been kicked out of their ‘home’. It’s bad enough that they don’t have parents now they don’t have a place to call home. I think we need to proceed.”

“I agree. Lois you’ll be happy to know that Alice has agreed to use the dress you provided and I must say that she looks good in it. Now, mind you, I might be a little prejudiced …”

They both were laughing as Lois said, “Now, Chief, we’d never think that. We do know that Alice is a good sport and we are happy that she’ll be with us. We’ve already talked with the kids and they are looking forward to helping. Lucy and Jimmy will be there with their kids also. This is going to be soo much fun. I can’t wait.”

And now –

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
Chapter 6 – Santa Clause Comes to Town
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

The big day had arrived. Overnight there had been a light snowfall and since the temperatures were still in the thirties it was expected that the snow would remain through Christmas. Superman and Ultra Woman picked up the presents at the warehouse that had been rented for this endeavor and flew the two big bags to the Emerson Hatcher wing of MetGen. When they landed and entered the door a cheer went up from all of the kids. They carried the bags inside and deposited them on the floor in the common room while the kids all watched. Before they left Lois turned to the kids and said, “Can you all wait a little while? Santa and his helpers will be here shortly to hand these out.” There were nods all around and an awed silence. She continued, “I spoke to Santa personally and he told me that he has something here for everyone.” Superman and Ultra Woman walked out the doors and flew off.

When they arrived back at their house they entered through their bedroom window and when they came downstairs dressed in their elfin attire they found Aunt Lucy, Uncle Jimmy and the cousins all gathered in the living room. Everyone was already in costume so they proceeded to load up. Lois still had her Cherokee but with the growing family they had picked up first a mini-van and then as it continued to grow a fifteen passenger van. Since they had that, both families could all go in the one vehicle, even with all the car seats.

While they had been in transit it had started lightly snowing again. They arrived just as Perry and Alice drove up and parked so they all walked in together. As they all walked in they could hear the kids singing some Christmas carols.

Jingle Bells

They all took off their coats in the foyer so that the kids would only see the costumes. Lois carried nine month old baby Lucy in her sling so all you could see was her head sticking out with a little Santa hat and an occasional red clad arm.

The staff had provided a ‘throne’ for Santa who made a grand entrance and sat down with plenty of “Ho, ho, ho’s.”

Alice and Lucy were stationed over at the presents. They would pick out one and hand it to one of the kids as Lois sent them over and then they would then take it over to Santa. Santa would call out the child’s name and Clark saw to it that they made it onto Santa’s lap to receive the gift and Jimmy took a picture of the gift being received and the look of wonder and joy on the child’s face as they opened it.

After the gifts had all been distributed Perry went over and had a whispered conversation with the staff member that had previously directed the singing. When he finished he went over to the piano and sat down. The staffer called the kids together and then –

We Wish You a Merry Christmas

After the kids had sung this carol the staff brought out a large sheet cake and buckets of ice cream and the elves and Santa were all invited to join in on the refreshments. Lois and Clark both watched on as Jon, Lara, Sean and Celeste all mingled with the kids from the orphanage apparently making friends.

After a while Lara came over to Lois and asked, “Mommy, can’t we dopt some of them, at least one or two?”

Not really surprised by this request coming from Lara Lois answered, “Oh, Honey, I’m sorry. We’d love to, but we just can’t do that.”

“Why, Mommy?”

Trying to be upbeat Lois said, “Sweetie you’re just going to have to be satisfied with your brothers and sisters. When you are older you’ll find out why.”

With resigned acceptance Lara said, “Okay Mommy.” And she returned to the party.

Seeing that it was getting late the Daily Planet crew with their families decided to call it a night and they said their goodbyes.

They all donned their coats in the foyer before exiting and as they opened the doors a flurry of snow entered. As they were walking to their cars the snow started accumulating on their hats and shoulders. As they were about to get into their car Alice and Perry turned to the rest of the party and Alice said, “This has been wonderful. I wouldn’t have missed it but right now I need to get into the car.” She looked over at Perry with a naughty look and said, “My legs are getting cold.” Everyong looked down and realized that her coat fell just a little below the waist. “I’m going to have to have Perry warm them up for me when we get home.”

With a happy smile and a chuckle in his voice he replied, “My pleasure my dear.” and helped her into the car.

The Kents and Olsens all loaded into the van. Most of the kids were asleep before ever reaching home. This worked out well for the plans. While Jimmy and Lucy watched the kids Lois and Clark each took a child, child safety seat and all and flew them two at a time to Smallville and put them to bed in their room at the farm house. Last of course Clark and Lois took the luggage and Lois had Baby Lucy in her sling as they flew to Smallville.

When the kids got up in the morning they saw that they were in Smallville but didn’t question it as this happened frequently. They rushed downstairs to find Grandma and Grandpa Kent sitting in the living room waiting for them. They immediately mobbed the grandparents and they each had three on their laps when Lois and Clark finally made it downstairs with Lois having baby Lucy in her sling.

Lois said, “Morning Martha and Jonathan. Morning kids.”

Everyone replied in chorus.

Lois took baby Lucy out of her sling and handed her to Grandpa Kent to hold while she turned to Martha and asked, “Martha, may I help you with breakfast?”

Martha replied, “Surely, you may.” With this request Martha knew that something was up and figured that Lois wanted to speak to her on the side. They went into the kitchen together and after a few minutes everyone heard Martha gasp and drop a pan then they heard her starting to weep. Martha dashed upstairs and rummaged around for a few minutes and finally came back downstairs holding a small package.

A few minutes later Lois and Martha came back into the Living room and sat down.

Clark, with a mystified expression looked back and forth between the two apparent conspirators and finally asked, “Just what do you have up your sleeve?”

Lois replied, “You’d be surprised.” And then in a very cheery tone asked, “Why don’t we open the presents before we have breakfast?”

Jonathan started handing out the presents and all the kids had a good time opening theirs. Then it came to Lois, Clark, Jonathan and Martha.

Martha gave Jonathan a sculpture she had made. Jonathan gave her tickets to an Art show to be held in Wichita.

Clark had gotten Lois a necklace. The problem was that this was the last package under the tree. Lois saw the disappointment evident on his face. She knew how much he enjoyed the presents she got him. It wasn’t like the old days when she just got any old thing and sometimes even the same thing that she had previously gotten. She was really putting a lot of thought and planning into her purchases in recent years.

Lois said, “I see that you’ve noticed that I didn’t wrap your present. There’s a reason for that. It’s not here yet.” She reached behind her and picked up the small package Martha had given her and handed it to Clark. She said, “Remember my birthday?”

Clark got first a startled and then extremely happy look as he opened the package to reveal a pair of baby booties.

Clark immediately moved over and picked her up and put her on his lap.

The kids were mystified. Jon asked, “What’s the present Daddy?”

“Sport, Mommy’s present to us all is another little baby brother or sister for you guys.”

Jon was stunned and all he could say was, “All right! When?”

“Some time next summer Sweetie.”

“Can we have another boy to make it even?”

Laughing Lois replied, “I’ll see what I can do. But, what if it’s another girl? Are you going to want me to return her?”

“Nah, that’s okay. We can handle it.”

Martha spoke up, “Who wants breakfast?” She got the biggest smile on her face as all of the grandchildren chorused together, “We do!” Even baby Lucy got in on the act chortling and waving her fist.

Clark projected a thought, /It’s a good thing you’re super now. I think that in the future it’s going to take both of us to keep up with this brood of ours./

When Lois felt this communication she marveled at the depth of feeling and meaning that the telepathic communication could carry. If you were to compare telepathic communication to verbal it would be like comparing sixteen channel surround sound to an old Victoria playing a seventy-eight RPM record. The depths of feeling and love that carried over with the actual communication of the message always astounded her and she loved it and her ability to communicate with her husband in this fashion. She leaned her head down and placed her forehead against his and thought back, /Together we are stronger than we are separately and we will be together forever now./

The End

Sidereal (pronounced sai’diera.el) time is a universal constant based upon the movement of the planets and stars. Primarily used by astronomers. In my L&C universe (this and other stories to come) it will be used. Because in other stories I will be having events occur ‘out of sequence’ with the L&C universe of the series but the ST or UT will provide the touchstone.

TTEMPO (pronounced Tempo) Time Travel Enforcement and Multiverse Protection Organization founded in 2435 by Herb and a group of research scientists working at what was then called Uni (short for Universal) Labs, a descendant of S.T.A.R Labs. They were a multi-disciplinary group with specialties ranging from computer science to particle physics and beyond. When Herb approached them with the method he used for time travel they were interested enough to hear him out on his proposal. He had seen the affects of uncontrolled time and dimensional travel and saw the need of an organization which would oversee such travel and which would be able to take the necessary steps to correct alterations to the time lines as needed. Thus the organization was formed with several branches, Admin, Research, Documentation and Enforcement. They approached the Superman Foundation which had assumed certain governmental responsibilities with the establishment of Utopia, and were granted a charter for their activities.

TaDT - called a ‘Tad’, actual name - Time and Dimension Transporter. A small device slightly larger than a Blackberry or I-Phone type Smart phone with a full keypad (no need to use alt characters to type in numbers) and a large display. It has a tremendous amount of computing power and memory and is powered by a Kryptonian power source of tremendous power for its size. In its initial form it was only capable of moving through time since it was based on the principles of Herb’s Time Sled and was called a TT – Time Transport. After a while the ability to move geographically was added and the name was changed to TLT – Time and Location Transport. Once this was accomplished and the actual nature of the alternate dimensions was determined it was a simple matter to use the base algorithms from the geographical movement to add dimensional movement. It is capable of opening a ‘portal’ either within time lines, alternate dimensions or both. The default setting when crossing the time ‘barrier’ is location zero (Please see Herb’s recounting of his initial adventures in his book “The Time Machine”). The default when crossing the dimensional barriers is time zero, current time Sidereal, NOT local. Tempus had managed to acquire one of the later versions which enabled him to cross the dimensional barrier to Alt 1. The one unpleasant ‘side effect’ of using the Tad is that it does tend to create an almost imperceptible weakness in the dimensional barrier and a ‘worm hole’ type effect which has two fixed end points. Tempus use of the device created a paradox of sorts in that it alerted Herb to the existence of alternate dimensions. Herb was able to bring this knowledge to TTEMPO which facilitated the development of the TaDT which device Tempus later stole.

The multiverses are separated from each other primarily by their vibratory state expressed as 3 vectors. The closer the 3 vectors are to each other in total indicates the relationship of one universe to another. For instance universe: Alpha 023 x Gamma 025 x Tau 040 would be more closely related to and in fact an offshoot of Alpha 023 x Gamma 025 x Tau 036 (Alt 1) than Alpha 023 x Gamma 004 x Tau -120 (Prime) as can be seen by the similarities in the Gamma and Tau values.

The creation of universes within the multiverse will be explained in a future work.

The Kryptonian naming convention is as follows: The male children carry the family name, or surname, after a hyphen which follows the given name. The female children carry the family or surname as part of the given name without a hyphen. Upon marriage they then adopt the family name of their husband in a format similar to the males it being added after the given name and hyphenated. For instance Zara was Za of the house of Ra (An example of this coming into play is the story “Backwards” by CarolM when Lois Kent ‘hears’ a message from Jor-El when examining Kal-El’s ship telling her “In the absence of the House of Ra, you have my blessing.” which was referring to Zara.) Kal-El’s mother Lara would have been La of the house of Ra indicating that Kal-El and Zara were distant cousins at the time of their birth marriage as infants. Although it is not mentioned in either movies, series or comics Lara would most properly have been Lara-El having taken the family name of El upon her ceremony of union to Jor-El as Zara would have become Zara-El if the ceremony had been completed wedding her to Kal-El. In this story Lara Kent’s Kryptonian name is My of the house of El – Myel. In “Luck and Consequences” by Bob Bartholomew, Lois made up a Kryptonian name. At the press conference she said her name was Lor of the house of El as her married name. This would have had to be L of the house of Or prior to her marriage indicating to me that this was a spur of the moment creation or else she would have come up with a longer given name, although this is still perfectly legitimate. This naming convention is an aid to Kryptonian genealogists in tracing family histories. There are cases such as Lt. Ching or Lord Nor where the surname is not mentioned. This could be due to the presence of the title: Lt. or Lord. In the case of Lt. Ching the reason would be the presence of a *military* title. The same would apply to General Zod. With Nor and Trey it could be because they are members of the aristocracy. I seem to recall at some point that Nor is referred to as Zara’s brother which would make his complete name Nor-Ra.