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#235909 - 06/23/12 09:52 PM L&C Concordance
zoomway Offline

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I have to edit this page to add more information. Thank thee thrice, Donna biggrin

I want to introduce this... well, re-introduce this project. Years ago... many years ago while the show was still in production, some of us who had been fans of the original Star Trek wanted to take a cue from that show's fandom who had created a "Concordance." Going to the dictionary, a concordance is:

an alphabetical index of the principal words of a book, as of the Bible, with a reference to the passage in which each occurs.

That is basically what the project is all about, i.e., cataloging items from each episode of Lois & Clark. They, in turn, get put into a L&C lexicon of information. In fact I still have the "in progress" lexicon that had been compiled at the time by Jud Mair.

Here's a few of the entries:

ACL Corp.   (Madame Ex)
	gives an annuity to Mrs. A. C. Luthor
	Lex's personal property was auctioned off with the proceed going to this company.

Advance Pulse Amplifier   (Contact)
	also needed for the SMT

Al   (The Source)
	originally from Kansas
	fainted in runaway train becomes friends with Jonathan

As you can see it's very thorough biggrin

Here is the form Donna Burton saved. Her episode, obviously, was the pilot.

The first segment is "Location Location Location" and that is where you will list any locations mentioned in your episode(s). Yes, you, as fans, pick episodes you'd like to cover for the L&C Concordance and fill in the information requested in the original form. There is also "Powers used as Superman" and "Powers used as Clark" "Hint Hint Hint" any clue that Clark is Superman or vice versa that occurs in the episode.

Page 2 covers some self-explanatory, like Clark's lame excuses biggrin

Page 3 continues information discovered about the characters in the episode.

Page 4 also continues the information. Most episodes won't have that much information on the characters, but this is the pilot wink Also, notice at the bottom, "Name That Tune"? This space was provided for listing the L&C opening theme music when it would occasionally pop up in episodes, like when it played in Lois's earpiece in Wall of Sound. But I think we should list all music from an episode in that space. Anyone agree?

And lastly, on page 5 is "Miscelaneous" for stuff that doesn't exactly fit anywhere else in the Concordance form.

So, why are we doing this now? Because next year is the 20th anniversary of Lois & Clark's premiere (September 12, 1993). Now do you feel old? har

If anyone is interested in doing an episode, or more than one, step up and volunteer. Name the episode(s) you want and get started. Believe me, having the series on DVDs makes it a lot easier than it was back in the 90s

Special thanks, again, to Donna for providing the old form.


#235916 - 06/24/12 09:25 AM Re: L&C Concordance [Re: zoomway]
jackiek Offline
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Wow, great work! Looks like some of the FOLCs around here missed their calling. Maybe we have some investigative reporters of our own. wink

20 years huh?! That just seems crazy doesn't it?

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#235925 - 06/25/12 03:07 AM Re: L&C Concordance [Re: jackiek]
Avilos Offline
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I love this idea. I thought of the Star Trek Concordance immeditately when I saw the title of this thread.

I would be up for doing an episode or more. Though I am not sure if I would be good on getting all the details. Might be wrapped up in the show.

Something I have always wanted to see is a detailed chronology, timeline for the whole series. Maybe that could be complied from the various time references made in each episode for this.

#235955 - 06/26/12 12:03 AM Re: L&C Concordance [Re: Avilos]
zoomway Offline

The Boss of Us

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Hey Tom smile

Don't worry. Doing the episodes is really easy, and even fun, at least for a geek like me har Just jot down the name of a street, or warehouse, or whatever in the "Location" section. If Clark mentions a place he has visited, list it under the section on "Been There" (Clark's travels). Plus, if you think of anything later, it can be added belatedly. Like I said, easy biggrin

As for chronology of the show, about all I have so far is a chronology of Lois and Clark's relationship:

Which, even being over 60 pages in length, is still a work in progress. Take a look at it so far and let me know what type of chronology you had in mind.

Seriously, Tom, take on a couple of episodes. We need the help! goofy



#235956 - 06/26/12 12:58 AM Re: L&C Concordance [Re: zoomway]
Avilos Offline
Lane and Kent

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I will do it! Are we going to work are way through the episodes by air date. Which ones have not been claimed yet?

I have read your relationship chronology in the past. Its great.
What I was thinking of was more historical. For example Clark's arrival on Earth, Lois's birth, all the various backstory events of the characters, etc. The various time travel periods. Placing the actual episodes in proper time of the year.

Using Star Trek as an example, some of it would be based on references to "20 years ago" or specific dates, but some would be conjecture based on what evidence there is.

#235983 - 06/27/12 03:54 AM Re: L&C Concordance [Re: Avilos]
zoomway Offline

The Boss of Us

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Hey Tom,

Thanks for volunteering to do an episode or two! thumbsup At the moment, sadly because the original Concordance episode contributions were lost, every episode at this point is open. Pick which you'd like to do and you'll be marked down with dibs on those episodes. The only deadline is to make sure they're done before September 2013 biggrin

I like the chronology idea. For example we know Clark landed May 17, 1966 (Strange Visitor and Tempus Fugitive) and started getting really strong when he was about 13 and around the same time Clark decided not to tell anyone his secret and not to get really close to anyone (We Have a Lot to Talk About). Despite that, he kept in touch with old classmates (Operation Blackout). He dated Lana Lang during high school, but said "she's not worth it" (Tempus Anyone?), but was no longer dating her by his senior year because he took Rachel Harris to the prom (Green Green Glow of Home). He's been flying since high school (Just Say Noah), specifically when he was 18 years old (All Shook Up).

Clark attended college at Midwest University, where he played football and was awarded the game ball as the most valuable player in their game against State University (All Shook Up) and then, presumably after graduation, he began to travel the world. He mentioned having raisin scones and tea at the London Savoy (I'm Looking Through You). He told Lois he learned ballroom dancing from a Nigerian princess and mentioned to Perry that the Yolngu tribe in New Guinea used paava leaves to relieve stress. Though it's not clear whether that was just some of Clark's obscure knowledge, or whether he'd actually been there. He worked as a stringer (freelance journalist) during his travels, and showed Perry an article he wrote for the Borneo Gazette on the mating habits of knob-tailed geckos (the pilot).

Okay, that stuff is off the top of my head, so some of it could be wrong and I didn't even mention all the foreign languages Clark could speak biggrin but the Concordance would really help build this type of chronology because all the facts about the characters are there. It can't be done by going through the scripts because almost no script made it through to filming unscathed by changes. Besides, it's a lot more fun to watch the episodes goofy

Thanks for volunteering, Tom. It's very much appreciated.


#235992 - 06/27/12 03:40 PM Re: L&C Concordance [Re: zoomway]
Deadly Chakram Offline

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I'm trying to put one together for GGGoH as we speak, since I've seen in twice in the span of about a week and a half. tongue
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#235998 - 06/27/12 05:04 PM Re: L&C Concordance [Re: Deadly Chakram]
Deadly Chakram Offline

Dangling Above The Jaws Of Death

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Okay here's what I was able to come up with. Feel free to add to it if you think there is something important that I missed.

Green, Green Glow Of Home

1. The Irig Farm - located up the road from the Kent Farm (as mentioned by Jonathan)
2. Kent Farm - home of Jonathan and Martha, has a work shed where Jonathan stores his tools, old bikes, and the case with the Kryptonite
3. Smallville Town Square - site of the Smallville CornFest
4. Coffee Shop - unnamed
5. Railroad crossing - not mentioned where in Smallville this is
6. Salt Lake City - where Wayne Irig claims to be when Trask is holding him hostage
7. Small pond - located on the Kent property, next to the work shed
8. Wichita - where Wayne Irig sent a piece of the Kryptonite to a lab for study
9. Lowell County - apparently where Smallville is located - Jonathan mentions that all the hotels book up there months in advance of the CornFest.

1. Flight - patrolling the skies of Metropolis
2. Hearing - hears the call for help as a woman is carjacked
3. Strength - lifts the front bumper of the car
4. Speed - cuts off carjacker's escape as the man tries to flee
5. Invulnerability - catches the bullets as the carjacker tries to shoot him

1. Hearing - Jimmy's hypersonic watch blasts in Clark's ears
2. Strength - Clark is able to snap the chains Trask puts him in
3. Breath - Clark sucks in the trail of fire heading for his parents and Wayne, then blows it out as smoke/steam

1. Clark's powers vanish in the presence of green Kryptonite.
2. This is Clark's first encounter with green Kryptonite.
3. Jonathan is the one to accidently expose Clark to it.
4. Clark's powers to not automatically bounce back when he is away from the Kryptonite, as they do later on.
5. Clark is powerless for at least a day.
6. Clark's strength is the first power to come back to him, as evidenced by his ability to eventually win the test of strength carnival game. This MAY be a throwback to the fact that his strength was one of the first powers to manifest.
7. The super hearing comes back next, along with the rest of Clark's abilities.
8. Clark is forced to fight Trask without his powers and in a weakened state from his second exposure to Kryptonite, immediately preceding the fight.
9. Touching even the piece of dirt that the Kryptonite was embedded in burned Clark's hands.
10. It is not shown how long it takes him to regain his powers after the second exposure.

HINT, HINT! (For the galactically stupid)
1. Clark holding his ears when Jimmy's watch goes off. That was not a normal "I have a headache" or "I just thought of something important" gesture. He also makes a beeline for Jimmy.
2. Clark's excuse of having allergies. He looked like death warmed over, not a hay fever victim.
3. Clark's reaction to getting a paper cut. His reaction did nothing to hide his shock over seeing his own blood for the first time. He even admits that he can't remember ever getting a cut before and Lois has to tell him to "suck on it."
4. Was Wayne Irig out of it during the fight/rescue when they were tried up in the shed? Clark (rather loudly) proclaims "Superman's back." Trask also calls him "Superman" out loud - loud enough for Wayne to hear him if he is indeed conscious.
5. "I AM normal." - Clark emphasizes that a little too strongly after he is rendered powerless.
6. Clark admits to feeling "super" when he is back at the Daily Planet and Jimmy asks how he feels.

1. He claims to have allergies when Lois notices that he doesn't look well after his exposure to Kryptonite for the first time.
2. Clark's insistence to Perry that there is no story and that Lois just expects everything to be a big story.

1. Carnival games, including tests of strength
2. Corn Pageant - which crowns a queen
3. Husk-Off
4. Corn-O-Rama
5. Line dancing
6. Barbeques
7. Popcorn
8. Creamed Corn
9. Corn on the cob
10. Book in advance, as hotel rooms in Lowell County book up months in advance. This is mentioned in the script, and is briefly mentioned by Lois to Carol Sherman.
11. Quite possibly falls near Halloween, as evidenced by the orange and black balloons in the town square. (original air date of Nov. 14, 1993)

1. Has tried line dancing lessons. A girlfriend convinced her it would be a great way to meet guys. It didn't work as Lois says "define guys."
2. Loves caramel apples.
3. Wanted to call Kryptonite "Kryptonium."
4. Bought a country dress because she knew it would amuse Clark.
5. Begins to see Clark as a friend, not just as a co-worker.
6. Chose and black and white bear over a Superman doll when Clark won the test of strength game.

1. Can line dance.
2. Has fond memories of before Wayne Irig's (unnamed) wife died. They gave out caramel apples on Halloween.
3. Took Rachel Harris to his high school prom (presumably, Rachael is a bit younger).
4. Apparently tells his parents everything, including about Lois' romance novel.
5. Gave Kryptonite it's name.
6. Is able to effectively fight Trask, even without his super-powers.
7. Allows Lois to have all the credit on the story.

1. Paints. She has a modern art style painting of a bowl of fruit.
2. Owns a fax machine.

1. Can cook. He mans one of the barbeque pits at the Smallville CornFest.

1. Is sent to Smallville on his first assignment as a photographer.
2. Is into technology, as evidenced by the prototype watch that he has from S.T.A.R. Labs.
3. Is able to get the photography assignment from Perry because 1) all the other photographers are busy and 2) he says to Perry that someone had to have taken a chance on him once.

1. Listens to sounds of the rainforest in an attempt to lower his blood pressure.
2. Does the above while shoeless and sitting on the floor, Indian-style.
3. Discourages his reporters from getting too close to the story, but is glad Clark won the fight against Trask.
4. Knows how to push Lois' buttons. All he has to do is mention "Pulitzer Prize" and Lois is putty in his hands.
5. Has been in the newspaper business 35 years.

1. Says she prefers leather - NOT in reference to Jimmy's new watch.
2. Makes a face like she tasted something horrible when she mouths to Perry that Lois is on line 2.


1. Went to Clark's senior prom with him.
2. Can "two-step" and "tush-push."
3. Is the Smallville Sheriff.
4. Has a crush on Clark.
5. Is upset to see him with Lois.
6. Asks Jimmy if Clark has ever mentioned her.
7. Shoots and kills Jason Trask.
8. According to the script, she won the Sheriff election against "Fordman" by "promising to buy a couple of computers." This exchange is listed in the script, but does not appear on television runnings or on the DVDs.

1. Was married - wife is deceased.
2. Long time friend of Jonathan Kent.
3. Lives up the road from the Kents.
4. Has a sister living in another state.
5. Refused to give up the location of the Kryptonite, despite broken fingers and a dose of sodium pentothal.

1. Poses as an EPA operative.
2. Was hired by Trask.
3. Has a daughter to raise.
4. Helps Lois to escape after Lois mentions that if Trask kills the Kents, she'll be an accessory to murder.
5. Was momentarily impressed/stunned that the Daily Planet sent two reporters to Smallville for the "pesticides" removal.
6. Did not know the true reasons for Trask's operation until she pressed the issue.
7. Was uncomfortable with the idea of trying to kill Superman.
8. Did not know that Wayne Irig was being held until she stumbled into one of Trask's interrogations.

1. Waitress at the coffee shop in Smallville.
2. Knows/asks about Lois' book.
3. Admits to liking a good romance novel.

1. Hypersonic watch - prototype from S.T.A.R. Labs. Initially developed to help find lost pilots for the Air Force.
2. Fax machine - Jonathan and Martha own one. Lois claims that she does not.

1. No one alive has ever quit Bureau Thirty-Nine.
2. Trask brought Superman's spaceship with him to Smallville.
3. Is the first person outside of the Kent family to learn that CK=S.
4. Clark's spaceship was found in 1966. Kryptonite was not discovered until a storm blew over Wayne Irig's oak tree in 1993.

1. Clark is able to destroy the Kryptonite simply by throwing it into a rock. Shouldn't pieces of the radioactive rock have gotten into the water, causing him problems when he and Trask fall into the pond? What if Clark had swallowed the water?
2. Kryptonite was not discovered until Wayne's tree fell over. But later, in Tempus: Fugitive, we see pieces of it all over the ground surrounding Clark's spaceship.
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#236001 - 06/27/12 06:37 PM Re: L&C Concordance [Re: Deadly Chakram]
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Excellent job, Deadly Chakram! And thank you so much clap I'm going to start putting these up on the website with compiler credit, which would be you in the case of GGGoH. I'll have a home "Concordance" page with an alphabetized, as well as a chronological link to the episodes. And I'm going to put in a lot of pictures, of course biggrin Any other suggestions from FoLC are always welcome.

I will also alphabetize the lexicon and upload that. With each new Concordance contribution, I'll update the lexicon. We can also add a chronology of Clark and Lois, their lives and backgrounds, as Tom suggested.

Keep up the great work everyone. This is a long overdue tribute to Lois & Clark.


#236002 - 06/27/12 07:16 PM Re: L&C Concordance [Re: zoomway]
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Dangling Above The Jaws Of Death

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Thanks, zoom. I may do others in the future. This one took me the better part of the afternoon. The bonus is, I'm watching the reruns on the Hub right now, AND I'm doing a marathon screening with my husband. biggrin
Battle On,

Deadly Chakram

"Being with you is stronger than me alone." ~ Clark Kent

"It's all weird! We live in Metropolis!" ~ Jimmy Olsen

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