Just saw Jessica Tuck's episode of "Criminal Minds" and now feel an interest in watching this episode again.
I like the interaction between Toni Taylor and Clark, who feels an interest despite his stronger interest in Lois. It happens in real life. You can like or be falling in love with an unattainable person and still have a social life.
Toni wanted to go straight as a business woman. Too bad she sought out that great humanitarian, Lex Luthor, for advice on how to do it. har
His conversation with her as he metaphorically replaces the ropes binding her with the invisible ones he and only he can control is one of my favorite scenes in the series.
I imagine her getting a good lawyer and getting a new trial and time served after Lex's version of death and all of his crimes and manipulations were revealed.

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- dressed in a smart business suit, interrupts a man auditioning singers and dancers to tell him there is another fire “at Rudy’s place,” someone who pays them for protection
- we later learn the man is her brother, Johnny
- angrily stomps away from his sexist dismissals of her interest in helping him run the Metros, an organized criminal group of long standing in Metropolis
- attends Johnny’s weekly meeting and asks him how he intends to stop the fires plaguing their neighborhood, he tells her to save her comments for later
- demands to know why she can’t say what she has to say and Johnny gets angry
- after being told she’s just the bookkeeper, asks, “Stay out of business and watch it go down the drain?”
- after he accuses her of thinking they are all stupid, tells Johnny: “Not stupid. Inefficient. Misdirected. Out of date. Still doing nickel and dime gangster stuff.”
- Johnny tells her it was good enough for their father, and she points out “pop would be the first to say it’s time to move on”
- tells the gathered men the old days are over, the rackets are dead but they still have a chance with their organization and influence- they could go legitimate and make twice the money they are now
- when he aims his gun at her and fires it past her into the wall, she comments, “Just what we need: a cool head in charge” before getting up and walking out
- finds Clark at the bar talking to the bartender and comes to ask if there is a problem
- also says there is no bartending job open, and she has to ask him to leave, the club has a strict dress code
- in the meeting her brother calls to discuss the Toasters, she quickly makes her move and takes control of the Metros away from him
- tells the men, now loyal to her, “Get him out of here!” and her brother is dragged out of the room and into retirement
- offers the same deal to the other men but none of them leave, they have to make a living
- “Good,” she says, “let’s get to work.”
- slams a newspaper on Lou’s desk and demands to know since when is Metro business front page news? The information came from inside- did Johnny leak the news?
- tells the bartender to send Clark over to her as Lou gets up and leaves
- tells Clark she’s changed her mind about the dress code- it doesn’t apply to men who save her life
- asks his name and tells him, “Charlie? You look like a Charlie. You were brave last night.” Is he always cool under fire? (“Try me.”)
- tells him to keep his eyes and ears open and she’ll see about moving him up
- peels a few bills from a wad of money in her pocket and tells him to get a shave and clothes appropriate to the job- oh, and welcome to the Metro Club
- is flattered by his answers to her questions (“Quite a line you’ve got.” “I mean every word.”)
- accepts the drink he’s made for her and turns away to hide her pleased smile- and sees Lex Luthor walk into the club
- turns back to tell Charlie to stay there and look handsome, she has business to discuss
- as the stage show begins, she starts to speak to Luthor but is annoyed that he squirming in his seat and is no longer interested in talking business
- tells Charlie “Good work!” when he reveals he has identified the new singer as Lois Lane
- decides he deserves a special treat and goes to his apartment to cook him dinner
- after the meal, she reveals she attended a summer course at the Cordon Bleu, but went to business school after he died
- says she misses her father and wants to make him proud of her
- says Johnny never thought big enough and almost ruined the business
- tells ‘Charlie’ she doesn’t want to run a criminal syndicate but a conglomerate, and the Metros have the organization and the structure for a legitimate business
- if only they can get past the Toasters, and is pleased when ‘Charlie’ says she will- with his help
- tells him she has to go to a previous engagement and asks if he is disappointed
- kisses him on the cheek and they go inside and she leaves, not aware she is being followed by Lois
- at the West River Garment Company, she ducks under a line of police tape and goes inside the building until she is startled by a man appearing behind her
Several others come out of the shadows and grab her, and she asks if this is really necessary
- is angry that they tried to hit her brother where she might have been killed, too
- tells them they are lucky she is here to give them anything, and reminds them she is running the show and the fires were to stop after she took over the Metros
- she wants the toasters back but they refuse to give them up and they argue
- the leader orders the others to tie her up and watch her and he leaves with the others
- she is alone when Lex Luthor finds her and she asks him to untie her and is surprised when her refuses, saying that won’t do either of them any good
- listens as he explains she is going to take the fall for the reign of terror by the Toasters and she will say nothing about his involvement
- realizes too late what a dangerous man Lex is and regrets she didn’t realize it sooner
- he thanks her for the compliment and adds, “Welcome to big business” before he turns and leaves her as he found her
- as she tries to break free she hears footsteps approach- it is Charlie King and she is glad he came through for her
- he is disappointed in her but she tells him there was no other way, unable to explain about Lex and his involvement
- observes they were both hiding the truth when he tells her his real name and tells him she will miss Charlie