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#237359 - 08/21/12 06:04 PM Aargh no more
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This is my attempt to write a story that kills the Aargh arc. Luthor outsmarting Clark the way he does is just too annoying at the end of Double Jeapardy.

Aargh no More
I do not own Superman or any other characters. They are the property of DC Comics, Warner Television and other relevant owners.

Clark knew things were bad. He also knew that Lex Luthor had already headed towards the docks and had heard the whole explanation of the situation by Jimmy. Luthor was going to try something devious, he needed to think fast.
Clark flew to the docks as Superman. Then he ran into the lounge where Lois had been singing. “I am Clark Kent and I am looking for Wanda” he said to a man.
“Did you say you are Clark” the guy asked.
“Yes” he said.
The two men proceeded to beat Clark up, or at least attempt it. After several minutes Clark got outside and saw Lois about to get in a car with Lex Luthor.
“Lois” he yelled “don’t go with Lex”.
She looked at him and said “I love him”.
They got in the car and Lex started it up. Clark grabbed the back bumper and held the car so it would not move. After trying several times, Luthor and Lois got out.
As Clark ran towards Lois Luthor said “Clark, she has already told you that she does not love you.”
“That is right Clark” Lois put in “I love Lex. Seeing him again made me rethink my life.”
“You don’t believe that” Clark said.
“Yes I do, I really love him” she replied.
“No you don’t Wanda.” Clark said “you think he is Kent, right”
“Yes, of course he is Kent.”
“No, Wanda. He lied. I am Kent. Mr. Kent, and he is Lex Luthor, a wanted fugitive from the law. I warned the police about his location and look her they are.”
At that two police officers stepped out of a police car that had just pulled up. “Officers” Lois said “don’t take him. He is innocent. It is Clark here you want.”
“Lois” one of the officers replied “I don’t know what has happened to you, but you are off your rocker. This is Lex Luthor. He is supposed to be in prison on several charges of racketeering, extortion, murder and related crimes. You seem to have lost your connection to reality.”
The officers walked off with Lex. Lois turned to Clark “well, Clark, what nefarious sheme are you going to do know, or are you going to again continue your lie of not being Clark.”
“Did I ever say I was not Clark” he replied.
“You said you were Kent” she said back.
“Yes I am. I am Clark Kent, your partner at the Daily Planet and your fiancé. I thought I had married you, but it was a clone snuck in at the last minute by Lex Luthor’s nefarious agents. You recently hit your head and now are all confused.”
“I don’t believe you” Lois said “I am not going to stick around to have you get me into another nefarious scheme of evil. I am through with the criminal life.”
“Lois, let me take you home. First though, let me kiss you.”
As he leaned in Lois wanted to pull away, but she was no match for his super-speed. As they kissed her mind begin to reengage. This kiss was so wonderful. “Clark” she said “you really do love me.”
“Of course”
“Let’s elope.” She said.
“Wait, Lois, are you sure.”
“Clark, we were supposed to be married a few days ago. No that you have had one wedding night, there is no reason to hold back, we just need to make it really us married.”
“I didn’t do anything with the clone, well, we didn’t have sex.”
“That’s good, but Clark, I don’t want to wait any more. My mom will drag it out a long time if we wait. We can have a real wedding some other time if they insist, but I want us married now, before I loose my memory again or some other nut gets between us.”
“Ok” he said.
With that they shot up into the air and headed to a wedding chapel in Las Vegas. After a rushed wedding at an Elvis Wedding Chapel they headed to Hawaii, where Superman was able to convince the hotel that the cancellation of the Kent reservation had been done by an illicit clone. With the recent cloning of the president the hotel staff was very accomadating.
Lois and Clark figured that they would have to have a more formal wedding later, but for now they were married and very glad to be settling down for their wedding night. As it was, Lois had been very annoyed to have to be away from Clark during the ten minutes it took him to get back their reservation.

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#237362 - 08/21/12 06:39 PM Re: Aargh no more [Re: Zelnhelm]
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Go to the FDK thread.


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