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#243279 - 07/12/13 10:54 PM New virus
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I just got a virus on my pc. after a few minutes of use, an warning sign comes up and tells me that microsoft is in violations of government law. To unlock your pc you must go to walmart, jewel, and walgreen to buy the unlock code for 3.95. How do I get rid of this virus?

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#243283 - 07/13/13 04:17 AM Re: New virus [Re: KittyHuang]
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You have a pair of Trojans on your computer: Citadel & Reveton. These two malicious programs work in tandem to try to get you to pay them to 'unlock' your computer. We in the internet security biz know this as the "FBI Virus".

You need to take your computer in and have a tech clean it. Those two Trojans are *nasty* to get rid of. I'd back up as much of your info as you can, and take the computer in to a tech.

Sorry I can't give you better news. You *never*, NEVER want to send money using green-dot or a pre-paid card to an unknown person or company.

It's a SCAM.
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