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#249509 - 01/19/15 01:36 PM Re: Very sad news about Zoom :( [Re: nle]
Laurach Offline
Lane and Kent

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He Naomi, it is Laura. How are you doing. I am retired and batteling cancer myself but doing OK. My son is 10 now. hope to hear from you. god bless. Laura (Laurie)
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#249670 - 02/25/15 11:31 PM Re: Very sad news about Zoom :( [Re: widget]
emmyrose Offline
Jimmy Olsen

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Hi everyone. It's been many I'm "emmyrose" from the loiscla IRC and oftentimes "badfickr" and otherwise just Tanya. I just read about Zoom on a The Mentalist tumblr page and I'm floored. I feel like it's a testament to what an impact she had on so many and how it is still felt no matter how long the absence. I miss those days. I miss you all. I miss Zoom.

#249673 - 02/26/15 10:17 PM Re: Very sad news about Zoom :( [Re: widget]
ChrisP Offline

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Hi Tanya, glad to hear from you. We all miss zoom very much, but we still IRC and are even still watching an ep together every Saturday. Come see us. That bad nfic lives in infamy. I don't think I ever laughed so hard in my whole life. lol


#249674 - 02/26/15 10:24 PM Re: Very sad news about Zoom :( [Re: widget]
Nan Offline
Lane and Kent

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Zoom's passing was the end of an era for me. It was on her boards that I first had the nerve to post anything I had written, although I had been writing privately for years.

I have had writer's block for several months, and have only recently been making real efforts to overcome it. Part of the reason was hearing about her death. It jarred me out of my passive waiting for the block to pass. Zoom didn't wait for anything, from what I knew of her. She created her website as the ultimate authority on all things Superman and became a real expert on the subject. I had had no idea of the battle that she was waging against cancer.

I will miss her. The fandom lost something real and vital with her. It is up to the rest of us to carry on in her place. I think she would be disappointed if we didn't make the effort.

In the words of Clark Kent: "Sometimes you think you're immortal, and you start to think the people around you are, too. It can just take a second to realize how wrong you are about everything."

Our time is limited. We owe it to ourselves to make the most of what we have, for however long that is.

I'm going to start writing again, no matter how difficult. I had my wake up call first with my sister and now with Zoom.

And I will miss her, I think more than even I realize right now.
When I get old, I don't want people thinking, "What a sweet little old lady." I want them to say, "Oh crap, what's she up to now?"

#249797 - 03/29/15 07:22 PM Re: Very sad news about Zoom :( [Re: Nan]
Diti Offline
Jimmy Olsen

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Zoom's passing was so terrible. I hadn't been on the board very long but had written to her once to ask a question & she responded immediately. I didn't know she was ill until her untimely passing. May her memory be eternal.


#249912 - 04/23/15 02:09 PM Re: Very sad news about Zoom :( [Re: widget]
LoisLane Offline
Lane and Kent

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RIP, Zoom frown frown

#249913 - 04/23/15 02:45 PM Re: Very sad news about Zoom :( [Re: widget]
Ray Online   content
Lane and Kent

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I'm obviously coming to this notice VERY late but I would also like to express my deep sadness at the passing of Zoomway. She was great to me, helping me way back when, early 1990's, when I was a raw internet user and had just found her site. Her stories were some of the first I read and enjoyed though I quickly found others through her site and recommendations. The fandom has lost one of the great ladies of Superman fanfic and she will be sorely missed.

#249943 - 05/03/15 09:57 AM Re: Very sad news about Zoom :( [Re: widget]
Debby Offline
Lane and Kent

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I'm very late visiting the boards, too, and only to find this very sad news... however, I know Zoom had a lot of fun delving into fandom, promoting Superman out of her long love of the character, and so I hope she gets to choose many worlds to visit now and see what's really behind the scenes -- and do a little tweaking here and there (DC comics needs it desperately...).

#249998 - 05/14/15 11:06 AM Re: Very sad news about Zoom :( [Re: widget]
Lois&Clark2014 Offline
Lane and Kent

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I have written with her a few times and she helped me cope find here. She was the reason why I wrote the Lynn & George Story "The Story of Life you". I very much regret that you will never read this! frown

Thank you for everything you've created !!!

R.I.P Zoomway
"You know what they say about that one great love that changes us?"

"No, what do they say?"

"It also finds us where ever we are!"

#250800 - 11/02/15 08:30 PM Re: Very sad news about Zoom :( [Re: widget]
AdoreLoisClark Offline
Lane and Kent

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I didn't know Zoom beyond this site, but I love her writing and her passion for Superman. I don't have accurate words to express how grateful I am for this community. Many things shift and change as we move through our experiences, but "Lois & Clark The New Adventures Of Superman" captured such a place in my heart, It's indescribable really. Like family, but even that doesn't seem strong enough of a word. It runs even deeper. Zoom gave us a place to come and share with those who understand how much these stories mean, the inner child that comes out to play, anytime Lois, Clark, and Superman are revisited.

This show and fandom truly have my heart forever.

I believe the essence of the soul is eternal, that we are eternal beings, and love doesn't end when we exit in form, so thank you Zoom for everything. I know you are smiling.

Love & Blessings Always

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