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#250461 - 09/03/15 04:31 AM May it be something more
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Lane and Kent

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Here you will find the script and how the two have implemented it. Often little more than I thought wink

Just say Noah
And... I love you.
Did we just make up?

I think so.

They kiss violently.
AKA Superman

Lois and Clark approach the door of the Townhouse.

Well This was one of the more interesting
birthdays I've had.
Clark, I tried so hard to pull off a party for
It's okay, honey. I like this better, anyway.

You sure?

Absolutely. Just you and me --

Alone at last.

He looks at her. She looks at him. And suddenly they are in a frenzy of kissing, groping, grabbing, pulling off each
other's clothes, all the while breathlessly gasping things like: "Open the door" "You got the keys?" "I don't have keys" "Where are my keys..."

The front door flies open and Lois and Clark lurch inside, still intertwined, jackets being flung off, shirt being ripped open, still kissing like maniacs. A moment of this, then:
Suddenly, the lights EXPLODE ON with a resounding chorus of "SURPRISE!" Lois and Clark stare at the Planeteers,
including Jimmy, crowding their townhouse as a grinning
Perry steps forward.

Sorry, I have no Video for this. But they end up on the floor wink

Honeymoon in Metropolis

Are you insane?

The door begins to open. The tripod and scope are still
visible. Clark grabs Lois, flings _her_ on the bed.

LOIS (Cont'd)
Clark, this is not funny!

Clark leans over her, gently pins her arms, kisses her as
Ingeborg pokes her head in.

Thanks Dean, for this kiss! At a time in which he was together with Pamela Anderson!

Virtually Destroyed

No one's here. Kiss me.

She does. Another, deeper one.

(a little breathy)
Still nothing...

They kiss again, really deep, and passion starts to take over. They are barely able to pull apart.



Their faces smash together, and they're lost in passion.They move to the bedroom.
She takes off his glasses, loosens his tie, he unbuttons her
jacket -- it drops from her shoulders.

And here the implementation wink

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"You know what they say about that one great love that changes us?"

"No, what do they say?"

"It also finds us where ever we are!"

#250532 - 09/17/15 12:01 PM Re: May it be something more [Re: Lois&Clark2014]
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Now that they'er both working for CBS, they are together again, sort of.
He forked first- Lois Lane

#250533 - 09/17/15 07:57 PM Re: May it be something more [Re: Lois&Clark2014]
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I was thinking the same thing. Maybe Teri's next stop will be Supergirl...

#250546 - 09/18/15 03:09 PM Re: May it be something more [Re: Lois&Clark2014]
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YES! Ahh--that would be awesome clap clap clap.

-"Not exactly what you had in mind, huh?"
-"Now, lets far I've been given a glimpse at ritual corn worship, treated as your girlfriend, and I've insulted your parents. No, I couldn't have planned this..."
-"You're having more fun than you want to admit."
-"Sure, you had three hot dogs at the festival."
-"See, that shows how well you don't know me. I only eat like that when I am miserable..."

~Clark and Lois (who is definitely not miserable) in 'The Green, Green Glow of Home'~


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