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#252904 - 01/31/17 01:20 PM Teri Coming to Supergirl!
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Lane and Kent

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I am kind of in a rush so I am not going to post a link. It's all over Twitter and confirmed to be real. She will be appearing in multiple episodes as what sounds like a villian during the second half of this current season.

Not much details yet. Obviously the biggest question is whether her and Dean will appear together. The producers would be CRAZY not to do that. Especially since the status of Dean's character is so mysterious right now. He is bound to show up again this season. This would be the ultimate payoff to finally see them together.

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#252906 - 01/31/17 01:28 PM Re: Teri Coming to Supergirl! [Re: Avilos]
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Lane and Kent

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Fantastic news! I haven't been watching the show regularly but I can't wait for this to happen.

#252907 - 01/31/17 01:35 PM Re: Teri Coming to Supergirl! [Re: Avilos]
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Absolutely agree, KarenC! It seems to be the best chance of having Miss Hatcher and Mr. Cain on screen together again, Tom.

#252908 - 01/31/17 01:40 PM Re: Teri Coming to Supergirl! [Re: Avilos]
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Lane and Kent

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I've been waiting for this news! So happy to hear it.

#252909 - 01/31/17 03:23 PM Re: Teri Coming to Supergirl! [Re: Avilos]
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Jimmy Olsen

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So excited about this news! smile

#252910 - 01/31/17 03:53 PM Re: Teri Coming to Supergirl! [Re: Avilos]
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Lane and Kent

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#252911 - 01/31/17 07:02 PM Re: Teri Coming to Supergirl! [Re: Avilos]
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Teri is supposed to be playing the "big bad" at the end of the season. Cadmus has been the looming bad guy throughout the season, and hey, that just happens to be where Dean's character lives right now. So the prospect of Dean + Teri on screen at the same time sounds very plausible to me. smile

And...seeing as how that show likes to do multiple universes, and Dean and Teri are both in the cast now...could LnC end up being another universe in the continuum (say, Earth 93 or something)? And voila, just like that, they're together again. We can dream, can't we? biggrin

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#252916 - 02/01/17 12:51 PM Re: Teri Coming to Supergirl! [Re: Leuch]
Irene77777777777 Offline
Lane and Kent

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Greatest News!!!!!!!!!Hopefully we will get to see them acting together!!!! I can't wait!!!!! Dean confirmed these big news of Teri being on the show today!!!

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#252917 - 02/01/17 05:46 PM Re: Teri Coming to Supergirl! [Re: Avilos]
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Lane and Kent

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This-Is-Awesome!!! party party party

I haven't been watching the show, but definitely will be tuning into these episodes. Hoping (so much) that they have some scenes together!

Can't wait!
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#252923 - 02/02/17 04:26 PM Re: Teri Coming to Supergirl! [Re: Avilos]
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OH MY GOODNESS!!! This is the most wonderful news ever. Supergirl is a great show and having both Dean and Teri now in the cast, it's going to make it amazing. I always hoped Smallville would bring them in at the same time but unfortunately they didn't. There's no way Dean and Teri are not going to see each other, behind the scenes at the very least. Let's hope it brings back some old sparks! This news and the potential new movie with them both in, is beyond brilliant. We have waited all these years for this, I hope we get some amazing scenes and lovely new photos of them both. I can't wait. Very happy superfan right here biggrin

Lucy xxx

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