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#10089 - 01/11/04 05:09 AM Faster Than a Speeding Vixen
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Hey Once again it is crazy HollyBrooke, that Lois and Clark fan with lots of questions. My question this time is about the episode Faster than a Speeding Vixen. I have never seen it! I have read a summary of the episode but I would like some of the dialogue, or script, if at all possible. Reading Zoom's episode guide I got that Lois and Clark didn't use "precautions," but what did they say after that? Where do all the baby dolls and the chatting in the car and the bedroom scene all fit in..Oh I am so confused.... confused Can someone please help me? I would be most appreciative! Thanks! biggrin
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#10090 - 01/11/04 07:02 AM Re: Faster Than a Speeding Vixen
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In this episode, it raised a potential problem for Lois and Clark: They forgot to use birth control, aka "precautions," when they made love because they were in a rushed frenzy on their kitchen floor while Lois was supposed to be cooking breakfast. Their realization that Lois could get pregnant from not using precautions led them to ponder whether they wanted children or not.

The scene with the babydolls was Lois' nightmare/daydream of what life would be like if she was a mother -- trying to interview the Queen and other famous people while juggling screaming babies and a husband that kept leaving.

The car scene was where Lois and Clark talked about having tests run with Dr. Klein to find out if they even could have children. Although they hadn't decided if they even wanted to, they wanted to know if they even should be thinking about it. After all, if a Kryptonian and a human aren't biologically compatible, than it would be a moot point. Lois admitted in this scene that it's "scary" to think that they may not be able to have babies together, to which Clark sweetly replied, "Maybe we'll have super babies."

The bedroom scene was at the end of the episode. They were getting intimate and Lois quickly remembered they needed to use birth control and rolled off of Clark (where she had been doing some heavy making out on top of him) and reached toward her nightstand, and then the scene faded out.

I hope that helps in some ways! I always thought this was an interesting episode.
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#253311 - 04/30/17 10:06 PM Re: Faster Than a Speeding Vixen [Re: Holly Brooke]
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Replying to an old post about Lois and Clarks Vixen episode in s4. Did no one notice Clark is fully clothed in a tie even after he and Lois supposedly did the deed at the beginning of the ep? While she's just in a robe on the kitchen floor? What exactly does that mean ...?

#253317 - 05/03/17 02:25 AM Re: Faster Than a Speeding Vixen [Re: Holly Brooke]
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A lapse in continuity... confused

And a source of speculation/humor for all of us over the years. LOL wink

But I may be remembering it differently...
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