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#253425 - 06/07/17 10:20 AM S2- NEVERTHELESS, SHE PERSISTED
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No big surprise with Cat. Discussion among the fans was that she knew but was keeping the secret, but most agree she doesn't know about CK since their contact is limited. Still don't like the character though I try to be neutral because the girls don't like her either, and I want them to see good qualities in her. She was so bully-like in the first season that they just didn't like her.
Superman needs to show up more often in season 3 or give him a monthly special 90 minute movie or something.
I want to meet the Lois he is so devoted to and decide for myself if she is worth it.
So anyway, we enjoyed the story and just loved Kara and Clark together again.
As for Alex and Maggie- please don't wreck their relationship, CW. (If you absolutely have to, make it for a good reason. smile )

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#253426 - 06/07/17 12:34 PM Re: S2- NEVERTHELESS, SHE PERSISTED [Re: BevK]
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Or have Superman crossover more often with other shows. Do something more with the guy!
Overall, we really enjoyed this season and liked the crossovers. The sisters are by far our favorite characters as they have grown so much and learned so much.
This was a good finale with just enough incentive to keep watching.


#253431 - 06/08/17 10:51 AM Re: S2- NEVERTHELESS, SHE PERSISTED [Re: BevK]
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My family likes the show better on the CW, and my oldest and his buddies were cool with the episode. We all agreed Superman needs a series or more appearances across the CW. He is a highlight when he shows up but not a dominating character. It can be done!
We liked Alex's future, too, but we also know how fanficky angsty the writers on the CW shows like to be with relationships. Though I personally doubt they could top the "Saving Hope" reason of having a curse on them reason for breaking up their Alex and Charlie.
I agree, Kate, we will be watching again next season,too.

#253445 - 06/12/17 11:09 AM Re: S2- NEVERTHELESS, SHE PERSISTED [Re: BevK]
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My daughter and I are enjoying the show but we wish they would do more with James Olson. He's a neat character but they don't seem to know what to do with him. As the temporary head of a news desk, wouldn't he have more power there than as Guardian?

#253447 - 06/12/17 10:24 PM Re: S2- NEVERTHELESS, SHE PERSISTED [Re: BevK]
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My kids like James, too, but sometimes I wonder how it would be if he hadn't grown up to be so capable, and if romance hadn't gotten in the way. They cut his closest ties to both supers and made him more or less an equal. He really has no reason to interact with either as just friends anymore, IMO.


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