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#252705 - 12/09/16 12:29 AM Blue Tights Cafe
LnC_SecretFan Offline
Jimmy Olsen

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Loc: VA, USA
Hello FOLCs!
First I want to say Thanks! to all who keep this site running. I'm amazed that after all these years it's still going woot
Please forgive the newbie question, but how can I get access to the BlueTights Cafe?
I read I should send a message confirming I'm 18 or older, but I didn't get access. Help please?...

#252727 - 12/12/16 08:19 PM Re: Blue Tights Cafe [Re: LnC_SecretFan]
KateW Offline
Clark Defenders United

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Did you send the email to Kismatt, the new owner of the boards? Clicking her name from the list of moderators to the bottom left of this message will open an email to her.


#253220 - 04/06/17 01:09 AM Re: Blue Tights Cafe [Re: LnC_SecretFan]
PuffyTiger Offline
Jimmy Olsen

Registered: 03/17/17
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I'd like the answer to this question too. For some reason I don't have permission to view profiles so I can't see Kismatt's email address. I sent her a pm via these boards, but it's been a week and she hasn't read it yet. Does anyone have any advice?


#253608 - 07/17/17 03:25 AM Re: Blue Tights Cafe [Re: PuffyTiger]
Kismatt Offline

Lowly Tech Personage/Owner ;)

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You still having problems? We've been swamped at work and I'm a baaaad admin. You are cleared for BlueTights and NFic, I believe, and I have created a new email that dumps right into my regular email box.

"Tempus veritas revelat." - Time reveals truth.

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It's the story of a hero who could move whole worlds and see through stars and hear a whisper on the other
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#253801 - 11/05/17 02:20 PM Re: Blue Tights Cafe [Re: LnC_SecretFan]
Spuffy Offline
Jimmy Olsen

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Hiya - having same issues as above. Would like access to Blue Tights but have gotten no response since my PM. Would be great to hear from you.


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