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As promised we have a list of the categories we will include in the Kerths for next year based on the fics that have made their way to the boards and the archive this year. If you recall during the Post-Kerth quiz we asked what categories you'd like to see this year. Based on the fanfictions completed this year these are the categories we'll be including this next year.

Just a reminder, a fanfiction becomes eligible for the Kerths when the completed story is posted to the boards (fanfic or Zoom) or submitted through the archives before Jan 1. If a story is posted elsewhere, you can request eligibility by emailing the KCOM at kcom@kerthawards.com.

Kerth Categories

Super-Short is for all stories between 1 and 10kb in size.

Short is for all stories between 11 and 50kb in size.

Mid-Length is for all stories between 51 and 200kb in size.

Epic is for all stories over 201kb in size.

Best Tearjerker
Heart wrenching moments in the fic. *sniff*

Best Kiss
Best Kiss. First, second, third, hundredth. Doesn't matter. It's a kiss and it's a memorable one. Married, dating, not dating, engaged. Doesn't matter. Best Kiss.

Best Relationship Story
Story that shows a developing relationship between Lois and Clark. It doesn't have to end up with the duo together but must show a change in their relationship from the beginning of the fic to the end.

Best Revelation
Someone finds out Clark is Superman. Most of the time it's Lois, but there have been others to become privy to this secret. Any fic that reveals this to a character in the fanfic is eligible for this category.

Best Challenge Response
Fanfiction written in response to a challenge posted on the boards.

Best Villain
Any villain in the fanfiction.

Best Original Character
This category is designated for characters other than Lois and Clark that the author has taken extra care to make them shine in their own original way. It can be any of the original supporting cast or new characters or even some of the villains that we've come to love to hate.

Best Alternate Universe / Elsewhere/ Next Gen
This category is combined due to not having enough in each area to warrant a category for each.
Alternate Universe is when characters have veered off completely from canon or relate to the original Alt. Universe on the show.
Elsewhere are fanfictions that veer off completely from the original canon stories. (ie: something happened prior to Pilot to change the course of the characters and plot, etc..)
Next Gen is where the next generation of superheroes becomes a main part of the plot.

Best Series
Two or more fanfictions related to one another posted/archived in the same year.

Best Introspective
A fanfiction that gets inside a character's head and allows introspective thought to become the main focus on the story.

Best Waffy
Warm and Fuzzy Feeling. You read it, and you get that warm and fuzzy feeling all over because it's just a fun feel-good story.

Best Character Development
Any character throughout the fanfiction showing growth or change / development from the beginning to the end of the story.

Best Comedy
Fun, happy, makes you laugh while you're reading it.

Best Episode Adaptation
A rewrite of an episode or a fanfiction picking up at the end of an episode.

Best Drama
There's action. There's suspense. There's drama. You gotta know what's going to happen. You get the picture right?

Most Innovative Idea
A creative idea that thinks outside the normal parameters seen in everyday fics

If you have any WIPs try and wrap them up before the end of the year. Looking forward to an exciting Kerth Season next year. If you have any questions feel free to email us at kcom@kerthawards.com.
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