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#254040 - 02/13/18 07:09 AM Comments on Teri's Golden Globes speech
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I collected all the comments made on Teri's speech at the Golden Globes 2005.
They come from this board, blogs, newspapers, YouTube, etc... Enjoy!

Oh my , such an honest and humble speech. She shows enormous gratitude to where she is now, and that's amazing.
- FiaBoomSchack Bolinder

I love Teri so much! This acceptance speech was so real she's the sweetest! Why must people insult her! And start rumors saying the other girls looked unhappy that she won? To me the girls looked happy for Teri. Anyways I love Teri Hatcher she deserved this awards! A very amazing actress. Also best Lois Lane too! <3
- Ashley York

Teri did deserve this one. I'm sure the 2005 awards was after the first season, and Teri as Susan was the stand out. Susan was my favorite throughout the series but towards the later seasons, Marcia as Bree and Felicity as Lynette stood out more.&#65279;
- Unusually Eric

IMHO if they had all won the GG or the Emmy once (as it should have been), it should have been like this:
Teri Hatcher-Season 1, she had great storylines and was able to showcase her vast comedic talent, while being an absolute klutz and making everybody fall in love with her character. Who can ever forget her getting locked out of the house naked?
- Bill Ferr

Gosh, all my buddies when I mention her name! In causal conversation, they melt. She's perfect.&#65279;
- Jules Love

For all of you saying Teri is a bad actress, she has HUGE comedic talent and that's why she got this award.
All of the DH actresses are great, but in the 1st season, she really was the one standing out and deserved this award to the fullest extent.
- Bill Ferr

One of my favourite acceptance speeches
- Kenny Ekundayo

she was the funniest one in season 1! loved her as susan
- jazzie jewlz

she is a talented actress.&#65279;
- yna523

What a great speech! It seems so humble and honest! Let's face it, her fortunes changed enormously in the space of 12 months. For 18 months, she was one of the biggest stars on the planet!&#65279;
- Marcel Magi

She should also won Emmy. But lost to her co-star Felicity Huffman. She was the Best Actress from Desperate Housewives.&#65279;
- cloud625

Just so honest and vulnerable! Most genuine winning speech ever. &#65279;
- Yang Zhao

She looks gorgeous, the dress is beautifull&#65279;
- Dia

Aww Teri, Beautiful humble speech love her! And ya she REALLY is Susan! lol&#65279;
- JaRell Rayshawn Collins

She deserved it ! Glorious Teri!
- Feed TV

where she is now I missed her she's so sweet&#65279;
- Diana blu

Absolutely love Teri Hatcher&#128538;ever since Lois and Clark...
- Jessenia Sanchez

Love her&#65279;
- Cassandra Akinde

Its nice to learn that she won too. Because Carrie Bradshaw is a pretty tough TV icon to beat.
- Mad Dawn

Teri is a great actress, she is one of the strongest character in DH. She is a versatile actress. I agree with David comment above, that she should have received an award in Lois & Clark.
The best for you Teri, congrats and keep on going smile
- soulina cloud

She's too cute!&#65279;
- christinainthecity

I love Teri Hatcher so much! I'm waiting for the day she will win another prize, I'll be cheering, because she is so talented!I
- Kellye Ferrer

macgyver teri follow you!!!
your appearances are fun
you're beautiful
- La Cubica

she's so amazing smile
- Anika P.

"except for the young cute one who eats a lot" LOL :')
she's the sweetest person ever!&#65279;
- vsd4ever

she have very unique voice, i like it!&#65279;
- RainC00L

she deserve it!!!
- Meseret Feleke

Teri Hatchers voice is so crazy!! But her Desperate Housewives-makeup looks better!! I love her!!&#65279;
- Pearl Mayflower

She TOTALLY deserved it. I'm SO proud of her! :') Her speech was so honest and you can see how much that meant to her. I loooove you Teri! I hope she wins many many more! :)&#65279;
- vsd4ever

that is the most honest acceptance speech i ever heard&#65279;
- Alexia M.

Terri Hatcher desevred this award, she should have got one for The New Adventures Of Superman too :-)
- David Ridgeway

‘I’d like to thank the network who gave me a second chance at a career when I couldn’t have been a bigger has-been,’ she said with endearing honesty in her 2005 Golden Globe acceptance speech.

Warren remembers relating to Hatcher’s humble Golden Globes acceptance speech last January, in which Hatcher fessed up to being a reformed has-been.

Teri Hatcher looks great - much better than the Radio Shack commercials of a couple years ago.
Wow, the desperate housewives casta is taking over the best actress in a comedy category just like the sex in the city ladies did in years before this! Nice to see Teri Hatcher win this one. It seemed like only yesterday she was the lady with the real boobs on Seinfeld. Love her speech, thanking NBC to take a chance on her when she was the biggest has-been ever.

Howard loved Teri Hatcher's speech. He said she looked great and loved how she called herself a washed-up actress who got the role of a lifetime. Howard said no one in Hollywood ever admits they were washed up and that's why it was a cool thing to say.

Yay Teri! We love you! You were never a has-been to us!
- SUPERdreams

I'm so happy for her! that has to be one of the most humble acceptance speech that I've heard.
God I love her
- DHong

I'm so happy for her!!!
She was so beautiful, and she so deserves it, and I'm just *so* proud of her!
- mirage-woods

This morning Terri was on the FRONT PAGE of the newspaper, HAS-BEEN to GOLDEN GIRL was the headline... so it's a little sad that hollywood affairs beat out other more pressing news... but I liked it, for Teri, just this once.
- Super_Angel

Congratulations, Teri!!!! You're the best actress ever!!!!!!

I loved how the DH cast presented the award... the way they were all holding hands... they seem pretty happy and friendly with each other! When Teri won they all wanted to hug her and they were really happy for her... you could see that on their faces. That just made me love all of them so much more!
- Quel Lane

I am absolutely thrilled for her. She has given me so many years of pleasure and I'm so glad to see her honored this way.
- ML Thompson

I woke up today with very good news!!
The show wasn't aired in Hungary, so I haven't seen her (yet!!!), but I kept my fingers crossed all night
And the result: SHE WON!!!!!
Congratulations Teri!!!!
- Fabrice

Oh my god!!! i'm soooo happy!!!!! i wasn't believing when I saw her!!! congratulations TERI!!!!!!

Here in Brazil I saw eberything and I slept 2AM but that's ok!! she won!!!
- bika_lc

I was so thrilled... I started clapping... which woke my patient up...
Congrats Teri!!!!!!
- L&C dreamin

She won - and we FoLC were vindicated. I'm glad she won but then again she's always had the precious gift of making people interested in what she's doing and just plain making us smile. I'm glad she now has some tangible recognition to take home to Emerson - and that she received validation from her peers. Did anyone else hear the audience 'oooh' when she seemed awed to be be 'standing in front of these movie stars'? It really was a beautiful moment...that and she and Nicolette touched nose to nose when the show itself was honored. She was beautiful, she was humble, and I'll bet she made even more fans last night.
- newtruefan

She sooo deserved it! Go Teri !!
- NewtonKent

She looks incredible and was humble and adorable with her win.
Way to go Teri!
- Supermom

I saw it here in Germany and I too think that Teri looked absolutely stunning and even I was a little bit crying over her words for her daughter and I think that she was absolutely the right person to win this Golden Globe !
- Sabrina

She looked beautiful, and I almost cried when she talked about Emerson Rose being the reason she was able to grow and become the kind of person she is today. I'm so happy for her!
Way to go, Teri!
- Hyperion96

She was so beautiful!!! And I loved when she said about being in front of so many movie stars, like she didn't believe she would ever be there. She was so humble and adorable, but she definitely belongs there!
- minimunch3

Best Speech: Teri Hatcher – She’s stunning with a hit show and isn’t afraid to stand in that room and refer to herself as and over forty “has-been”.

Hatcher thanks "a network for giving me a second chance at a career when I couldn't have been a bigger has-been." It's funny, but it's also disarmingly frank and touching.
- Tom the Dog

Again, LOVING Teri Hatcher, but this "I'm just a washed-up has-been" bit is a tad tired. Especially since real has-beens don't have such big... fans.
- TVGuide

I thought Hatcher's golden globe speech was sweet and funny
- redronnie

In honor of George and Abe, the Idea Grove today unveiled its Top 10 Moments in Honesty for 2005 - which serve to prove that honesty, indeed, is still the best policy when dealing with the public.
And the winners are...
3. Teri Hatcher's "Has Been" Speech. The actress showed endearing humility during her Golden Globe acceptance when she said she "couldn't have been more of a has-been" before landing her comeback role in "Desperate Housewives."

In a rare display of public honesty, Teri Hatcher referred to herself as a "has-been" in her acceptance speech. That warmed my blackened, Grinch-like heart for about two seconds.

* Best speech of the night, female: Teri Hatcher. 
&#65532;Gracious and self-deprecating, Hatcher was refreshing at the microphone. She was genuine, even calling herself a “has been,” reminding the crowd that she couldn’t buy an audition in the past few years. All I can say is Hollywood must be a tough business, if the beautiful, talented Hatcher has to hawk Radio Shack merchandise.
- Tubetalk

Best Actress – Comedy: It’s either Patricia Heaton or a Housewife. Teri Hatcher got the Golden Globe, but the Globes never warmed to Raymond like the Emmys have. Still, I think the zeitgeist will propel Hatcher to the win here, while everyone else grumbles about how Marcia Cross was better. And she is, but, with Housewives being (fraudulently?) pushed as a comedy, Hatcher’s role is the most clearly comedic. She wins.
- Joe R.

And I loved Teri Hatcher's speech, probably the most honest one of the night. She thanked ABC "for giving me a second chance at a career when I couldn't have been a bigger has-been."
- Paul

I always thought Teri Hatcher was cool, especially in Superman. Then when she won a Golden Globe for her performance in Desperate Housewives, she really got my kudos. During her acceptance speech she referred to herself as a “former has-been.” Now that’s some refreshing realism and honesty from Hollywood… So I thought she was a great actress, but I didn’t know until recently that she’s a heroine.

Hooray for Teri Hatcher! I don't watch Desperate Housewives, but I like her as actress, and doesn't she look so thrilled? She's so cute and so genuine, she wins.
- Maryanne

Best Speech: Teri Hatcher – She’s stunning with a hit show and isn’t afraid to stand in that room and refer to herself as and over forty “has-been”.
- Mitchell

Teri Hatcher is being endearing with her speech—and a good ha for her admitting she was the biggest has-been before this show.

Mozel to Teri Hatcher for still being hot and in the limelight.
- Bill

Her speech, in which she extemporized about her place in the stars, age, beauty, family and a few other cosmic notions, was by far the most entertaining of the night.

The winner is Teri Hatcher. Another shiny dress. Her speech is really great, sweet and self-effacing. "This is the first time I've ever been nominated for anything in my whole life so bear with me," she says. She thanks everyone who "gave me a second chance when I couldn't have been a bigger has been."
- goddess of clarity

Best Speech II: Teri Hatcher shocked us when she admitted that she "couldn't have been a bigger has-been" prior to getting Desperate Housewives. Who knew celebrities could speak that frankly, even if it's true that they had been a former has-been? Seriously, that was as honest a speech as we've heard from a person who pretends for a living.
- Courtney Egloos

teri hatcher (j'ai aimé l'humilité de cette dernière)
- c_bolavienon

Success is wasted on the young. It's only once you've hit the bottom that you can fully appreciate the top. Teri Hatcher is a case in point. Who could ever forget her speech, effusive with gratitude and humility, at the Golden Globes last year? "Thank you so much for giving me a chance when I couldn't have been a bigger has-been," she gushed. Only 18 months previously, it had looked as though her acting career was over.

Teri Hatcher secured her place in America's heart when she stood up to accept her Golden Globe for Best Actress and declared herself a "has-been" on national television. That moment showcased her down-to-earth, self-deprecating style -- and her frank openness about the ups and downs she's experienced in life and work.

Not surprisingly, “Desperate Housewives” won for the Best Television Series, Musical or Comedy, and Teri Hatcher won Best Performance by an Actress in a Television Series, Musical or Comedy for her role on the show.
In her acceptance speech, Hatcher admitted she was on the verge of being a has-been before winning the role of Susan Mayer on “Desperate Housewives.”
Even though Hatcher was a close second, Jamie Foxx had her beat when it came to the best acceptance speech of the night.
- Eastern Progress

I absolutely love her Golden Globe acceptance speech. It gets me choked up every time. She was both estatic and self-depricating. I love that she was willing to admit that she was a has-been, and how she dedicated it to Emerson. My favorite part, though, was when she tearfully said she couldn't believe she got to stand up there with all of those movie stars. It's like she realized that she finally had made it, and for someone with the self-esteem issues that Teri has, I think that was a huge moment for her, and she was really cute and charming.
- EditorJax

Teri Hatcher looked great last night and was so happy that she won. Great speech as well.
- QuikSilver

Her refreshing honesty about her career, in particular her Globes acceptance speech, is rare in Hollywood and she is self-evidently grateful for her second chance.
- thfan

As to Miss Hatcher (her winning the Golden Globe was one of the top moments of the evening--what a heartfelt and original acceptance speech!)

Someday there will be an award for the best acceptance speech. Until that time, it&#146;s up to us.
Last night, the Golden Globes produced three candidates:
Terry Hatcher, for astonishing candor (“I was such a has-been&#148;) and a display of good humor not much diminished by the fact that, as Pam noted, she appeared incapable of registering emotion above the bridge of her nose.

My favorite moment of the night, Teri Hatcher winning an award for Desperate Housewives.
- Sean’s ramblings

Teri Hatcher, who won a best TV actress in a comedy award for "Desperate Housewives," gave the night's most rambling and most charming speech to her "amazing group of [mostly] over 40" castmates, to "a network who gave me a second chance at a career when I couldn't have been a bigger has-been" and to those agents "that stuck around when I couldn't get an audition."
- Maureen Ryan

Teri Hatcher méritait bien son Golden Globe 2005 de meilleure actrice, pour ce rôle comique et attachant.
- Télé

YAY! Teri won the Golden Globe for Best Actress in Comedy Series!
- Heather

I tell you what, she deserved it!
- aliasfanjay

now she can add a Golden Globe to her name ...
and her speech was awesome
- alias_gay

SHE WONNN!!! :happydance:
- Cynthiaaa

yayyy. so happy she won!!!!
- steph

a bond girl to a housewife that's great! lol
she deserved that golden globe!
- full_blown_Rose

i used to hate teri Hatcher, especially in Superman, but she has really done a 180. She's my favourite housewife (only just) cos she is just so funny. and i love the relationship that Susan has with her daughter. She acts her role fantastically and utterly deserved the golden globe. Great turn around.
- garnergarnish

I really like her in DHW to! She is really funny in the role as Susan Mayers
- Dark Phoenix

I think Teri 's a really good actress.

Congratulations goes out to Teri Hatcher who won a Golden Globe Award for her role as Susan on Desperate Housewives. It may be ten years after the fact, but we are glad Teri is FINALLY getting the attention she deserves.

Very well deserved, I hope she wins more awards&#65279;
- Kellye Ferrer

I am really happy that she won.&#65279;
- Lovable.Lotus

You go girl. You earned it. And here's to many more of the same.
- amac

I'm SO happy for her! And, oh my God, did she not look gorgeous! The tradition that is Teri Hatcher wowing everyone on the red carpet continues!
Congratulations, Teri!
- hyperion96

It’s early here but I couldn’t resist checking the boards, glad I did. The stars are aligned today (literally) for Teri to triumph and it is not only acclaim for Susan but the missed opportunity in the past to recognise her wonderful work as Lois Lane. A fitting reward for a stunning lady. Her horoscope actually said this week:
“All three cherries (!) on the cosmic fruit machine are about to come up together! An unavoidable experience of deep delight is going to make it’s way to you.”
Marvellous news….
- thfan

CONGRATS to Teri!!!!
I'm SO happy for her, WOW!!! I got a little teary-eyed myself, what a great speech! And her dress was the best, definitely. What a night for TERI!
- Kamaile

Congrats to Teri. She deserves it very much. It's about time.

I was one of the FoLCs on the IRC tonight, and I think we were almost as excited as Teri when her name was announced as the winner (Not only was I crying, even my husband got a little teary-eyed )
Teri's win was well-deserved and long overdue; it was wonderful to see how happy and genuinely excited she was and, oh yeah, she looked beautiful.
Congratulations, Teri; we hope and expect that this is your first award of many!
- cafeameric

i just watch the GG, and she won!!! i m o happy my heart beat, she was so beautiful and looks so surpzized to get it!!!
It s such a revenge to all the people who said she was over!!!
Nice job Teri
- matm68

What a night! Congratulations, Teri!
- ela978

I was so pleased when I found out!
- AngelRose

Wow, wow, wow!
She won, they won, and she looked absolutely gorgeous! What a perfect night!
I am more thrilled that she got the award and extremely pleased when reading the press comments that they too thought she was well deserving. She did come across as very humble and it looks like she has won over some hearts last night.
I have never seen her so stunning. She looks radiant!
- In4Adventure

I have never seen her look better. Did I mention Teri is Hot?
The dress threw me for a loop. I could not take my eyes off of her. It was the best dress of the lot.
- ColinT

I'm so happy for her an the DH crew.
It's hours ago and I still have a smile on my face. Great speach.
- MK-LC 610

Teri looked stunningly gorgeous and for my opinion simply stood out from the crowd. She was glowing the whole time and it was just her night! I think I've never heard a more honest, humble, heart-warming und funnier all-in-one speech. She was/is radiant!
I liked Teri from the beginning very much and in the last months and especially last night she just manages it to make me like her more and more. For all of us it's almost unbelievable what's happened to our Teri in this short period of time. No wonder she said what she said in that speech.
This Award was long overdue and I'm beyond happy for her. I'm especially happy that the "Housewives" have obviously a wonderful relationship among each other. It was wonderful to see them all so happy and in so good mood. Somehow I got the impression that Teri is especially fond of Eva.
- Sandra

this is fantastic! It is the greatest pleasure for me to see my favorite actress in a show again everyweek that she is so great in! All of the other women on the show are great, but clearly Teri is the standout. Which says a lot her talent considering how good every one else is.
- Avilos

It is especially more thrilling because IIRC late 2003 the talk around the mb’s was when would we ever get to see her onscreen again. Look at her now, a hit show and GG award. It couldn’t have happened to a more deserving actress. I’m so happy for her.
And as always she looks stunning. How she manages to stand out from the rest of the pack is a testament to her class, charisma and of course, it goes without saying, beauty.
Congratulations Teri!
- Abe

i simply love her dress, she looks amazing in it to!
- smitten4dean

Congratulations Teri!
I stayed awake and watched it and I was soooo happy for her! Well, I still am!
Great speech, gorgeous dress and she looked absolutely stunning.
- Sylver

Hatcher is the ultimate comeback kid, the gorgeously resilient over-40 former has-been. "I couldn’t have been a bigger has-been!” she so honestly put it last year when she won her hard-earned Golden Globe—who emerged from Hollywood oblivion and proved, more than anyone else in the recent past, that even when you think it’s all over . . . maybe it’s not.
- Ladies’ Home Journal

In january, she won the Golden Globe award for Best Actress in a Comedy Series. That night, she charmed the star-strudded audience with an acceptance speech in which she thanked Hollywood for giving a « has-been » a second chance.
- Good Housekipping

Teri Hatcher couldn’t have looked less like a “has-been” when she scooped the best actress Golden Globe for her role in the run-away hit TV show Desperate Housewives. But that is exactly how she described herself as she picked up the award in front of Hollywood’s A-list last month. “Thank you,” she tearfully said to the producers of the show, which also won the Best Comedy award. ‘Thank you so much for giving me a second chance at a career when I couldn’t have been a bigger has-been. “I have never been nominated for anything before in my life and I am completely and utterly and 150 per cent thankful for this opportunity.” In a profession where a perfect image bolstered by an inflated ego is an essential ingredient for success, this was a refreshing display of honesty.
- Hello!

Most self-aware speech: Teri Hatcher, who led off her Desperate Housewives speech with "[Creator] Marc Cherry wrote me the most amazing part, where I get to fall down a lot and get locked out of my house naked" and concluded with a thank you to ABC for hiring her "... when I couldn't have been a bigger has-been."

As for her speech, I watched it for the first time today (been offline this week, of all weeks!!!aagghhh!) and it was beautiful. Thanking Emerson the way she did was really special and I am just so thrilled that after all these years she finally got the recognition she deserves!!
Go Teri!!!
- Sarah-Jayne

Complétement d'accord! Son discours pour recevoir le golden globe était très émouvant : En gros elle pleurait, disait qu'elle n'avait jamais gagné un tel prix, que sa carrière avait touché le fond du fond après Lois & Clark, et que Desperate Housewives est un miracle pour elle, et elle a l'air de s'éclater avec ses copines... Et ca se voit dans la qualité de la série.
- Guzo

Howard played another audio clip where Teri Hatcher made a nice speech about winning an award for her role on ''Desperate Housewives.'' She admitted that she was a Has-been and really appreciates the chance to get to work again.

Teri Hatcher wins... Actually, it was a nice speech.
- Jim

“Housewives” won out.
Earlier, bumbling but beloved “Housewife” Teri Hatcher landed the honor of best actress in a TV comedy, beating out bigs like “Sex’s” Sarah Jessica Parker.
True to form, the humble former “Lois & Clark” star nervously but gracefully thanked the “network that gave me a bigger career when I couldn’t have been a bigger has-been.”

I'm glad Teri Hatcher won even though I will never watch that show that she is on. She does great work for television.
- Mel

I’ve been meaning to state this for the record weeks ago and with Teri Hatcher’s Golden Globe win yesterday, I thought now would be the perfect time:  Teri Hatcher totally deserves the success she’s been having with “Desperate Housewives”.
- ParryShen's Xanga

She looked absolutely gorgeous last night on the GG Awards .. I can’t believe she’s over 40?!? … I do think she deserved the award too – she’s great on the show (in fact, probably the only likeable character on the show … aside from the gardener )!
- snoboardn_chick

I’m glad she got the Golden globe.
- oneazn2nv

I love Terri Hatcher !!!!  Ever since Lois and Clark !  I think she has this understated beautiful.  I absolutely think her character on Desperate Housewives and feel Susan “fits” her to a tee.  I was so happy she won a globe yesterday and her speech was so down to earth just like herself.
- weldon

That’s quite an accomplishment for Teri and I was happy to see her win her Golden Globe…Especially being that today’s Hollywood is so chew-em-up-and-spit-em-out.  People are cruel and LOVE to see Hollywood real-life tragedy and it’s sad.  On the other hand, I cheer when someone picks themselves out of the “Has Been” mold and goes on to bigger and better things after they’re denied auditions based on the fact that they’re stereo-typed as “Has Been”s – Good for Teri!
- Devildogs_Doll

awesome write up on Teri, Parry (hey that rhymes, cute) — she’s definetly a great actor, I think while I was watching the Golden Globes last night I really appreciate alot of the actors/actresses, giving REAL speeches… Jamie Foxx brought a tear to my eye, and so did Teri’s speech…  some very well-deserved awards were given out last nite…. and Teri looked absolutely STUNNING.
- Anonymous

she is charming and sweet (at least on screen).  I feel so happy for her……even i don’t really know her personally.
- donimix

teri hatcher is banging.  i mean a very talented actress
- Flex9

beauty Teri Hatcher provided the surprise touching moment of the night, emphasizing in her teary acceptance speech that she was until quite recently a "total has-been."
- peacebang

Teri Hatcher was very gracious in her acceptance speech and noted herself as a 'has-been' who watched The Golden Globes a year earlier in her pyjamas!! Loving the show and those not so desperate housewives!
- Caress

I wanted to congratulate Teri for her Golden Globe win, but I also wanted to say she deserved it ten years ago, too
What Teri does on Desperate Housewives as Susan Mayer is what she did and more as Lois Lane.
- zoomway

I saw Teri, she had been terrific, also her speech
She deserved this GG Award, actually - it had been overdue!
- lois13270

Teri deserved this award for years!
- Gat

Congrats Teri on the big win! Couldn't have happened to a nicer gal.
- Daniel R. Coleridge

beautiful speech Teri give after they announced that she WON the Golden Globe Award.I find it a true sensation to watch and hear.Great!
- Afra-

You missed a great speech. She was flustered and mentioned being "in front of all these movie stars".
She was delighted. And that DRESS! Best of the evening.
- ColinT

I got to see the speech that everyone loves. My co-workers keep on saying how she was so humble and just so cute!
- ultrawoman4

LOVED, LOVED, LOVED Teri Hatcher's sweetly nervous speech, which actually included the dreaded word "has-been" in reference to herself. (You may recall Teri had a TV success before in "Lois and Clark" as Superman's girlfriend!)
- Liz Smith

congrats to Teri for her win. I, like the rest of you, cried when I saw that she won and heard her speech. And she did deserve it after all these years...
- LolaDane3

I thought your speech, Jamie Foxx’s speech were one of the best of the night. I thought the fact that you were humble and honest and real and fun and said you know a year ago you didn’t know you were on the C-list. That was pretty amazing, isn’t it?
- Oprah Winfrey

Other things I liked on the show…
Teri Hatcher referring to herself as a former has-been or something.
- Danielle, CBB Editor

I so loved Terri’s dress. I thought she looked beautiful
- Dawn

For those who haven't seen/heard her speech, it's on YouTube here:

If you find more comments on the internet, please post them here.

#254047 - 02/16/18 04:54 PM Re: Comments on Teri's Golden Globes speech [Re: terihfan]
terihfan Online   content
Lane and Kent

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I found a new comment:

My favorite person/moment/dress of the night....(all in one)..
TERI HATCHER! Oh my god. She is heavenly. Her acceptance speech, full of surprise, emotion, and down to earthness, was the best of the night. Learn it. Love it. I love how both times Teri went to the stage, Zach Braff tried to hug her. He is so funny.
- Darren Keeny


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