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#15424 - 08/20/08 09:19 PM Re: ALL fans weigh in: Was the show better or worse before Lois knew?
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In all the pro's and con's I find something of value. The first part of the series was used for not letting her know and the second part, more or less, to get 'em married. I found postponing the marriage and the plots deviced to do so way more ennervating than the wait for her to find out about him. There was a sweetness in her not knowing - it was not only the obvious "Hey he's Superman" but also the way of finding out about her own feelings, so, while admittedly there were akward moments, it was OK for me. Season 3 started off brilliantly and took a severe downturn with the whole Lex-is-back disaster; and after that, the show never reached previous heights. While I loved the mature parts of it, dealing with their life together, I absolutely hated the contrast to mostly lackluster, often infantile superhero-outer-space-weirdo A-plots. Whatever relationship situation Dean & Teri mastered and featured brilliantly there was usually an A-plot worse than the weak ones of season 1.... so from that point of view, the show got worse - not because she knew but simply, looking back at it now, because the production team almost completely lost the direction where to go - a show for 10 year olds mixed with love themes for adults.

So I am really torn apart - there are reasons why I like most of the series, but there are reasons, some explained above, while I watch mostly season 2, first half of season 3, a good part of season 1 and a very very few of season 4.

#15425 - 08/21/08 09:48 AM Re: ALL fans weigh in: Was the show better or worse before Lois knew?
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I guess I prefered the show after Lois found out. I was never a die-hard Superman/action fan, so to me Lois and Clark was the story of two people figuring out life. The fourth season is by far my favorite and not because of the horrific A-plots! I loved seeing Lois and Clark in a committed relationship. I also saw seaons 3&4 to be a show about romance with action mixed in.

There is nothing greater than seeing Clark Kent/Superman loose his "patience" to the woman he had loved for so long. To me, Soulmates was really the episode that changed so much. Once they were able to be 100% together physically, and emotionally, their work in saving the world became a supportive and unified goal.

Don't get me wrong here, I enjoyed the fun play between L&C during the earlier seasons. Much like what others have mentioned, those early seasons were the building blocks for what would come later. I mean the show would have sucked if Lois fell in love with Clark in the pilot. It made those wedding vowels (the real ones) have such emotional depth and meaning.

I agree that the proposal came out of left field, especially seeing as they had gone out on only a handful of dates. Season three was fast-paced until the clone crap. I'm just thrilled they finally married them off.

I've always wondered which D&T prefered? Did they like when Lois knew or did they not?
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#15426 - 08/21/08 12:19 PM Re: ALL fans weigh in: Was the show better or worse before Lois knew?
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I'm going to be different and say I preferred the show when Clark was trying to tell Lois he was Superman, but things kept getting in the way, and also the pre-wedding 'getting to know the real man' idea of the show. I say idea because I don't necessarily agree with the story/plot-lines used in the show... and I seriously think there should have been more development in the rebuilding of their relationship after Lois finds out. You don't just be angry one day, and cool with it the next.. it's something that needs to be worked through in order to develop trust. But I did love how they worked when she was in on the secret.

I do enjoy the whole show, and every season has it's high's and lows... and while after they were married there was a closeness in the relationship that few actors could convey on screen, some of the 'tension' around the relationship of Lois, Clark and Superman was lost... although I think if the stories had been able to develop the characters more... eh... I guess it's not god to speculate on the 'what could have beens' is it?
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#15427 - 08/21/08 04:25 PM Re: ALL fans weigh in: Was the show better or worse before Lois knew?
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The show was good when Lois didn't know the A plots were better, yes, but I loved it when she found out (maybe that's the reason why I got hook up after watching the scene in Tempus Fugitive where Lois at least for a little while knew).

I think it's always about whether you care more about the A plots or the B plots in a show. I'm more interested in the B plot, when Lois knows their relationship grows and becomes stronger, they help and support each other, there's no more secrets and each can trust in the other fully.

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#254163 - 04/13/18 10:27 AM Re: ALL fans weigh in: Was the show better or worse before Lois knew? [Re: Carolyn]
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I would say it was better after she learnt the truth and was made better by how long we had to wait for that and how their relationship was at BIG risk because of that (see "Whine whine whine" episode).
And why it was better after she learnt the truth (i exclude the season 4 when i think many got actually bored of it)? just for the private jokes or interactions related to Superman being Clark which obviously werent possible before the truth (ex: Clark saying to Lois "do you think i would invite you to dinner in Paris for just a chinese restaurant?" or Clark saying to Lois "did i ever tell you i could fly?" and Lois answering "i only marry men who can fly" aanna).
And also obviously the great relief of finally seeing our two lovers being truly in love and enjoying it to the fullest without no real secret between them which could destruct their relationship.

Originally Posted By: PunkRockPrincess
No question in my mind, Lois and Clark was at its best after she found out that he was Superman. I really hated her not knowing. And to be honest it really bugs me that she is so smart, and such a great investigative journalist, yet she can't see through someone she spends almost every waking hour with. It was also really frustrating during season 2, when they were trying to start a relationship, but kept having problems because of his disappearing act. I do like the fact that she found out for herself, but would have also loved to see Clark tell her himself. I guess that's what fanfic's for! After Lois found out that Clark was Superman, and they worked through it, they truly became a team, and were able to fall even more in love. I love the fact that Lois is the only person Clark can truly be all of himself with, so romantic!

Yeah, that's because of that part that the season 3 (especially until episode 8) was so awesome.
"Ordinary people" was a real "shock" episode in that sense as more so than the "WHALTTA" episode, it was the first time you had Lois and Clark enjoying themselves so much with new jokes/interactions involving Clark being superman,etc...

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#254165 - 04/13/18 10:35 AM Re: ALL fans weigh in: Was the show better or worse before Lois knew? [Re: sheilah]
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Originally Posted By: sheilah
I don't know that anyone can say the show was better or worse, but the two situations certainly appeal to different fans. I prefer the show after Lois found out. Having seen seasons 3 & 4, I find much of the first two seasons embarrassing. Lois goes to ridiculous extremes to prove that she's right or best, and I find those moments cringe-worthy. I hate seeing Clark lie to people he cares about, and Lois's blind acceptance of his truly stupid non-excuses is frustrating. Her relationship with Lex--even in Season 2, when she lets him get away, saying "I think you've been punished enough"--makes me want to vomit. The intrusions of Mayson and Scardino irritate me, but not nearly as much as Clark's continuing refusal to share his secret with Lois.

Most of those difficulties vanish after Lois is in on the secret, and I just love the two of them working together. Even their arguments are funnier when Lois is arguing with Superman the same way she argues with Clark. He no longer has a place to hide, so he has to face their difficulties and/or relationship issues instead of slipping away as Superman and effectively vanishing. In addition, he finally has someone to share himself with in a way he didn't really have before, even with his parents. They weren't on the spot to give him a good excuse or to stop him from trying to take on responsibility for the entire world. Everything just worked so much better once Lois was in on the secret.

That's exactly my opinion, well putted. thumbsup

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